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Kick-Ass Ways To Pack Like A Ninja!

Kick-Ass Ways To Pack Like A Ninja!

The key to packing like a ninja is to plan ahead and pack smart. Why waste time looking through clothes and belongings in your bags when you could be spending it exploring your destination? 

Follow these kick-ass tips to pack like a ninja!

Decide What To Bring Before You Pack

Choosing clothes and items to bring can get out of control when you just keep throwing them into your bag. Begin by laying out everything you’re going to take with you. Once you’ve decided on everything you’re going to bring, select the appropriate luggage to fit your belongings. Bago Travel Bags offers a large variety of travel bags and accessories to fit your needs.

When packing, be sure to keep a few things in mind:

Compress Your Packing

Packing cubes are a great option when travelling as a family. Choose a color for each person in the family and pack their items neatly. The additional plastic zip bags that come along with the cubes can be used to pack spilling items like shampoo, lotion, nail polish or use it for food items and other stuff that needs to be kept together and safe.  Compress your overall amount of luggage by combining all of your packing cubes into one bag or duffle. Revolutionize your packing by knowing exactly where all of your clothes are. Stay organized throughout your trip. Using packing cubes will allow your clothes to stay wrinkle and stain free. Try rolling your clothing, as opposed to folding it, when you pack your cubes. This can also help to save room in your cubes and luggage and aid in avoiding wrinkles.

Bring Only The Necessities

Most times, hotels will have washers and dryers available for you to use.
Make sure to only bring items you know you’ll need.If you’re staying somewhere for more than a few days, plan outfits that can mix-and-match so tops and bottoms can be reused. Check what the weather will be like at your destination. If it calls for snow, leave the flip-flops behind to save room for an extra scarf. Be sensible in order to keep your packing under control. Pack all your toiletries that you need to bring in Bago’s Toiletry Bag. Stay organized and spot anything you need quickly by utilizing the different compartments in the bag. This works well for kids too, and they can have their own bag packed with whatever necessary toiletries they might be bringing.

Pack An Extra Bag

Be prepared. Since you’re bound to bring back some gifts or souvenirs, it’s a good idea to bring something to hold these items. Bago’s Packable Backpack is a great option to bring along. Weighing only 0.4 pounds, it is extremely easy to fold into itself and fits in a side pocket in your other luggage. When you’re ready to use if for a day trip or to travel back home, simply unfold it and open the lightweight backpack and pack away!

Know Which Toiletries To Bring

Hotels are offering up a better selection of toiletries these days. Knowing which ones they offer can save you money and packing space on your trip. While each hotel may feature different offerings, research shows the major hotel chains are stepping up their game to go beyond the average shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Before you leave, check with the specific hotel chain to see exactly what will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive. Whatever else you need to bring should be neatly packed in Bago’s Toiletry Bag. Items such as face wash, shaving lotion and razors are usually not readily available. Be sure to pack these items if they are something you might need.

Stay Strategic

Think carefully about exactly where you’re going to put everything.
Beginning with your shoes, pack them inside of a Bago Travel Shoes Bag. This will keep them separate from the rest of your clothing and protected from wrinkles, breaking or loosing shape in packing. Any extra room inside the shoe bag can also be stuffed with extra socks to save space. Keep fragile items towards the middle of the bag and surround them with plenty of clothing. Instead of packing all shirts together, pants together, socks together, etc., try and pack in the most strategic way possible to save space. Use socks to fill holes and spaces in between items — don’t be afraid to mix up your packing a bit. Once you have your packing cubes, shoe pouch and toiletry bag packed and ready to go, fit them all inside the Bago duffle bag- you can choose from 23” or 27” duffle depending on your needs. This will help keep everything neat and it also saves a lot of luggage weight. Any extra room inside the duffle can be used to bring along any extra items you may need, including a money belt, neck stash or a waterproof dry bag.

By packing carefully and thoughtfully, you can save yourself time, stress and money. Think about where and how you’re going to pack your bags and you’ll be packing like a ninja in no time!

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