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Hey, wanna know the secret of real wanderlust? I’d tell you ‘bout it, but there’s a scratch!

Hey, wanna know the secret of real wanderlust? I’d tell you ‘bout it, but there’s a scratch!

I was sitting on a metal bench in an airport when this handsome guy walked towards me, stopped at about three feet away, folded his arms, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Hey, wanna know the secret of real wanderlust? I’d tell you ‘bout it, but there’s a scratch!”


I was dumbfounded. “You mean ‘There’s a catch’?” “Nope! It’s not your ordinary catch, Miss. It’s ‘The Scratch’!” Then, he opened his bag, took out a tube, flashed that I-know-you-want-this smile, and showed me The Scratch.


It would have been classic if this narrative went on like we two had coffee and shared with each other love stories and sweet nothings, but he just sat on the floor in front of me, spread and flatten the roll from the tube he took out from his bag, talked about the places he had been to and plan to conquer, and, by looking like a fifth grader who was proud to show his classmates his new toy, convinced me that it was him whom he referred to as “not your ordinary catch”.

So which one had me hooked first—him or his “Scratch”? Well, can I say both? Because how can you resist someone who eagerly discusses something that may be superficial for some and make it look like it is the only thing that matters in the world? Oh boy was I weak, yet I am glad I am, because his words are too special not to be repeated and I am to share them here for I still can:  

 So this is “The Scratch”, short for “Scratch Off Map of the World Poster and Skyline Art. I call it “The Scratch” not only because I scrape off parts of it specifically the ones I have already visited, but because it acts as an actual outline of the dreams I have fulfilled. You see, as I cross a dream destination out of my bucket list, I likewise scratch it off on this world map poster! It is a must-have for wanderlust like you and me, and it is a novel travel gift for globe travelers. Scribbling on a bucket list is so old fashioned and boring; scratching off on a world map is the new trend and you’ll have so much fun doing it! 

What’s more exciting is the fact that it is a 36x30” panoramic design with 32 scratchable iconic buildings! “The Scratch” is the only large world map that comes with an additional World Skyline Art Poster featuring 32 iconic buildings and monuments, allowing me to scratch off the ones I visited on my world travels, or those I plan to visit from my Travel Bucket List - just like real wanderlust do!

Every time I fulfilled a dream and scratched off one big tourist spot I have been to, I hang it on the wall together with the world skyline building art which I could literally one by one find on the map at the same time. Hanging it on the wall in my living room reminds me of how I have been living life the way it should be and of the reasons I wake up and face each morning with gladness.


With its impressive features of a two-part wall decor design with panoramic dimensions and a layout fit for a standard size panoramic frame, a stunning wall display is on the spotlight for a unique conversation starter! The one in my living room is always the highlight of our family gathering and it actually has become the travel goal counter of the entire clan. My friends who come to visit have been very much fascinated with it that they bought their own and started to map out their dreams. For as much as dreams are there to be achieved, stories on getting there are way more meaningful and precious.

If you worry about its durability, then worry not as I got it packed in a beautiful tube personalized with a message, making it a unique and quirky gift for anyone. Mine was from a friend who was a traveler himself, and he had it safely shipped to me. Even if he was living in another country, he did not worry about any damage as it is 100% foolproof!

Did I already say that it is a first of its kind? Because it even satisfies my artsy taste! Imagine printed on the poster edges is the 2D black frame that delivers the key to creative and professional looking display in any room. It’s so practical because I got me a perfect travel must-have while I save on the cost of frames… Geez, it is a ready-to-display travel kit! Life has never been easier, eh?

Now, what if I tell you that this extremely fun and easy to use tool comes with a bonus accessory set for easy and accurate scratching with a silver marker that enables me to write and mark on the map or fix any scratched off mistakes effortlessly? Therefore, this isn’t just a must-have for a grown-up man, this is a new way for kids to enjoy geography, memorize places, and dream as many dreams they can! I actually have wished my parents got me this when I was a kid.

scratch off map

So, now that I have said my piece, would you come here and tell about the places you’ve been to?

While listening to his piece, I was imagining all the ones he talked about and was pretty much amazed about how much time he spent engaging me in a fruitful demonstration. Although it was hard not to focus on him and what he did, I was lucky to have learned so much from an overall display of emotions of a stranger who seems to love life and living at the same time.

We stared at each other for like an eternity, and when I was about to open my mouth and answer his question, I heard: “Attention passengers on flight 232 to Seoul. The departure gate is open. The flight will now be leaving in 10 minutes.”

So did we get to tell each other’s names and number? I’d tell you ‘bout it…but there’s a SCRATCH!


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