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How To Tell Quality In Your Next Choice Of Travel Bag

How To Tell Quality In Your Next Choice Of Travel Bag

When you buy a new luggage, you purchase it with the promise that it will keep all of your belongings together in one place, safe, clean and unharmed. But what happens when your travel bag rips and everything inside is ruined?

Instead of waiting till you arrive at baggage claim to see your underwear and tee shirts strewn about, learn how to tell quality in your next choice of travel bag ahead of time.

Resist Water

Water is one of the few things that can easily damage everything inside your bag without your bag ever actually splitting, ripping, breaking or opening. While you may be extra cautious, there are many times during travel when other people may handle your bag.

The bags are water resistant and helps protect your stuff. In between treks to the airport, it’s easy for your bag to get sprinkled on during a storm. If it is raining out, there is a good chance your bag will be sitting outside at some point while the crew waits to load it underneath the plane.

In the event that your bag is outside for an extended period of time, make sure it will stay dry. Choose a good quality, water repelling material for your bag, such as Rip-Stop Nylon. This water resistant material will also protect your bag from any leaks in case you decide to store it on top of your car during a road trip.

Bago Travel Bags, made with Rip-Stop Nylon, are sure to keep all your personal items and belongings dry no matter how you choose to get to your destination.

Strong At The Seams

Picking a bag with the right type of high quality material is the key to choosing the perfect travel bag. Better than any polyester material, Rip-Stop Nylon is sure to keep all your belongings secure as you travel.

This strong material is just stretchy enough to let your bag have enough “give” while you travel. Feel free to pack your bag with all the cubes and toiletry bags you need, since this material will be able to handle it.

The honeycomb design of this material guarantees the bag will last long and will not disintegrate. In case of severe puncture and the bag does rip, the pattern of the material is designed to stop at the next honeycomb shape, each only a few millimeters. This ensures that the initial rip does not get any bigger, saving your clothes and personal items from spilling everywhere.

Bago Travel Bags feature many products with this innovative material. The travel duffle and packable backpack are both greatly improved with the use of the Rip-Stop Nylon.

More Than Just A Bag

Aside from choosing a bag with strong, durable material, its important to pick one that has all the essential functions you’ll need.

Make sure the bag you choose has a very high quality corded zipper. This will make sure your bag stays shut and performs as it should.

The bag should have multiple pockets inside and outside of the bag. If a bag has no inner pockets to hold essentials, it will be rendered useless instead of a versatile and useful travel bag.

Strong and sturdy straps are a must for a high quality bag. Additionally, any extra straps that can be added on will only increase its durability.

Not only does Bago’s travel duffle have all of these functions and utilities, it also comes in a variety of bright, bold colors. Having the option of traveling with these colored bags ensures you will always be able to spot your bag apart from all the others.

Always ensure you’re choosing a bag that is made of durable, supportive material that won’t easily rip, has plenty of features and is sure to stay dry. Finding a quality travel bag is easy when you stick with Bago Travel Bags.


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