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How To Pack Your Hand Luggage Bag To Take Some Extra Pounds

How To Pack Your Hand Luggage Bag To Take Some Extra Pounds

Travel these days is expensive. While we all love to go exploring, certain trips and destinations are becoming costly. One major expense of travel is hauling your luggage across country. Research shows that bringing luggage when you travel can cost you anywhere from $25 to $200 per bag, depending on the size of your bag. In order to save money, learn how to pack your hand luggage bag to take some extra pounds.

Pack a Light Bag

Some airlines have begun to charge for carry on bags. Whether your hand luggage is free or an extra charge, it’s important to start with a lightweight bag that doesn’t take up too much weight. A great example of this type of bag is a packable backpack. This durable, yet lightweight bag weighs only 0.4 pounds. It is small enough to fit in the cabin of the plane, yet large enough to stow all of your items.

If you’re looking for something a bit larger that can replace your rolling suitcase entirely, a small packable duffle bag is your best bet. This lightweight option can easily replace all of your other bags – complete with a place to store shoes. Save money and skip the weight and bulk of traditional luggage by packing a light bag.

Outsmart the Airlines

If your checked luggage and carry on bags are being weighed, you may be running tight on space. To save a few extra pounds, outsmart the airlines and wear your luggage. Small, lightweight luggage, such as a money belt, neck stash, dry bag, or phone dry pouch, are easy to wear on your body and conceal while traveling. Slip one on and tuck it under your shirt, sweater or jacket. Sometimes the most important items – such as cameras – are the heaviest. These types of bags will help you make it under any necessary weight limits.

 Skip the Toiletries

Not only are some toiletries not allowed in carry on luggage, but they are usually very heavy and take up lots of space and weight. Skip the toiletries in your hand luggage bag to save some extra pounds. Instead of packing it, buy it once you arrive at your travel location, or plan to use the complimentary ones provided by some hotels.

Organize the Inside

The key to efficient carry on bag packing is putting everything in its place. Instead of shoving clothes inside and balling up your items, use packing cubes to organize your outfits. By keeping certain pieces together, you’ll not only stay organized but also save room and space for extra luggage you may need to pack.

For smaller items, use smaller bags – such as see-through organizer zip bags. Instead of letting your smaller items roll around loose in your bag, keep it tight and tidy with these convenient bags that won’t add any weight to your luggage.

Use the Extra Pockets

A great travel bag will have more than just one main pocket. Be sure to pick a bag with many

options – side, front, inside, and other discreet pockets. If you’re trying to pack some extra items, you’ll need the room and organization to keep everything in its place.

Use side pockets to store drinks and snacks that don’t need to be too secure, but you need easy access to.. Stow important documents that need to stay safe in zip front pockets that you’ll be able to reach easily. Other items that can stay packed away can be kept in inside pockets of your luggage.

While it doesn’t seem like a difficult task, packing your hand luggage bag is important when every ounce, gram, and pound is weighed when we travel. By knowing which bags to pack and how to pack them, you’ll be able to take some extra pounds with you on your next voyage.

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