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Keeping Hydrated During Travels

Keeping Hydrated During Travels

There are so many things to keep track of while traveling – how to stay safe, where your luggage is, and if you’re on time for your flight. But one thing travelers often forget is keeping themselves hydrated, a very important part of sight seeing. Don’t let yourself get sick or weak from dehydration: keep your body hydrated with Bago Travel Bags new Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle.

Perfect for Hot or Cold Climates

Many people assume they need to drink lots of water when it’s hot out, but some forget they still need to stay hydrated in a colder climate. Cooler weather doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated and ruin your vacation. The best bet is to bring along a water bottle that works great in any type of condition..

Because of the high-quality insulation of this water bottle, you’ll be able to keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours, and cold drinks cool for an amazing 24 hours. The vacuum seal creates an airless space between the walls that reduces the temperature changes process. No matter if you’re hiking in the Grand Canyon or exploring arctic Greenland, this water bottle will be able to withstand whatever type of conditions you put it through.

Drink the Recommended Amount of Water

Many people often wonder how much water you should drink everyday. While this amount can vary, travelers should be especially aware since they’re more likely to spend their days walking around sightseeing or being more active than usual. The Institute of Medicine recommends about 13 cups of water a day for men, and 9 cups of water a day for women.

With this water bottle, you’d be able to fit 40.5 ounces, you won’t have to refill it every five minutes. With two or three refills, you can rest assured you’re getting the correct amount of water everyday. And if everyone in your family has their own bottle, you’ll be set for the day and won’t have to worry that you and your family is hydrated.

Keep Your Other Items Dry

Many do not bring along their own water bottles because they aren’t secure and can leak all over their clothes. This is the water bottle that you’ve been waiting for. Secure and vacuum insulated, you can be sure the water will stay inside the bottle and not in your suitcase. Aside from its click and pour stopper that stays secure, It is also equipped with a cover that is perfect for travelers. Because travelers love items with multiple uses, you’ll really appreciate the fact that the cover isn’t only to protect your items – it also doubles as a drinking cup! Perfect for hikes or airports without cups available, this water bottle will be your new travel must-have.


Great for Plane Travel

Disposable water bottles that aren’t purchased after security are no longer allowed on airplanes. Once you cross the security lines, prices instantly skyrocket, and water can cost anywhere from $5-$10 a bottle. To avoid these insane prices, bring along your Bago Water Bottle empty. As soon as you pass through security, you’ll be able to fill it with whatever you like – including free water from water fountains! This travel hack is known by all experienced adventurers, and now you can be in on the secret.

This is the water bottle you’ve been waiting for. With so many high-tech accessories in today’s travel industry, this refreshing item is great for all types of people on all types of travel. Before your next trip, be sure to order yours to stay hydrated during your travels.     

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