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Car Travel Tip - Why The Duffel Bag Is Perfect

Car Travel Tip - Why The Duffel Bag Is Perfect

Whether you prefer to travel by car or it’s a more affordable option, car travel can be tricky if you don’t have the right luggage and the space for bags. What happens when have more than two passengers and a full trunk? Use this car travel tip and find out why the duffel bag is the perfect choice on your next trip.

The Bag that Isn’t Rigid


A major hassle of car travel is the challenges of packing your car. With traditional suitcases, it can be difficult to manage to fit everyone’s luggage in the trunk – almost like a game of Tetris. Instead of flipping and squishing, choose a bag that isn’t rigid like traditional suitcases.

Duffle bags are soft and malleable, making them the best option for car travel. Share bags with family members or have them each pack their own. Either way, you’ll have no trouble managing to fit them underneath seats, in between passengers, or in the trunk. Because they are easier to maneuver, you’ll be able to pack more bags in a more efficient manner – something that makes every traveler happy.

The Bag that Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes

Everyone is different, and has different things they need to pack for trips. Duffle bags are perfect for those people who may need to bring something that’s not the traditional light, rectangular shape of a folded shirt. Duffle bags contain many more compartments than most traditional suitcases, allowing them to be packed with snacks, puzzles, books, maps, and other items that need to be accessible during a road trip.

With a variety of sizes, you can choose a larger bag or a smaller bag (or both!) to fit your particular travel needs.

The Bag that Doesn’t Take Up Weight or Space

Okay, so duffle bags do take up some weight – but not much, especially compared to traditional luggage. This bag has tons of space inside when you need it, but can compress down to practically nothing when you don’t. Bringing extra items that you’ll get rid of before your voyage home? Fold your bag into itself and this duffle takes up barely any space.

Weighing only 0.9 pounds, you won’t have to worry about this bag adding to the weight of your car. Pack it full and know that it won’t cause excess baggage. Don’t leave home without it!


The Bag that’s Durable

A lightweight duffel bag isn’t any good if it isn’t durable – that’s what makes this the perfect travel accessory. This duffel bag feature tear-resistant fabric that will hold up throughout all of your travels. No worries about your kid’s shoes on the bag or catching it on a hook – this bag can withstand it all.

A high-quality zipper means you don’t have to worry about how much you use your bag when you travel. Keep these duffels in the back of your car for last-minute trips or plan your entire vacation using just this luggage. You can be assured the items you’ve packed away are safe and sound.

When it comes to road trips, you don’t want to be shoved in a car like a sardine the entire time. Help relieve packing stress by choosing the best bag for the journey – a duffle bag. By using a duffle bag that is durable and high-quality, you’ll be set up for fun, easy, car travel.

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