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The Ultimate Packing System That Everyone is Talking About

The Ultimate Packing System That Everyone is Talking About

As the warm, sunny days of summer fade behind us, it’s hard to believe that the holidays are here. And with each holiday comes a new time to travel. Are you prepared?

If you want to cry at the thought of hauling your family cross-country on a plane or packed in a car, it may be because you’re not packed right. One of the hottest new trends in travel, packing cubes are the ultimate packing system that everyone is talking about.

Whether you’re traveling with two or 12, this packing system is the perfect fix to all of your travel troubles.

Pick Your Pack

These packing cubes aren’t just one-size fits all. Whatever type of traveler you are, there is a packing cube set for you.

Slim packing cubes are best for those who like to stay organized and need to pick their items out quickly. The best part about this set of four packing cubes is they can fit in almost any sized bag – including carry-on luggage.

Small electronics, hair accessories, beauty supplies, socks, and other small personal items are best in these slim cubes.

Bring a wide variety of clothes and shoes? The medium cubes are for you. These fit best in the medium-sized travel duffle.

Use medium cubes when bringing different sized items. A few tee shirts, shorts, and a hat will fit perfectly in these medium-sized cubes.

Travelers who pack a lot will love the large packing cubes that can store everything they need to bring – and more. Pack the large cubes in the large travel duffle for the best fit.

If you’re traveling somewhere cold, sweatshirts, scarfs, and other bulky clothing items will be best in these large cubes.


Organize in Style

Plain black bags are out, and cool, unique colors are in. A great way to personalize packing cubes, each family member can pick their favorite color and know exactly where their bag is at all times. Mix and match colors, or stay the same and stick with one color.

If you have multiple packing cubes of your own, organize each day’s outfit by color, or keep articles of the same clothing in a certain color: socks in pink, shirts in blue, etc. Color-coding your clothes will allow for easy access when you’re traveling on the fly and need to remember the outfit you’ve planned for the day.

Cubes for Every Bag

From big suitcases to small bags, these packing cubes come in variety of sizes to fit in every bag. While they work best with Bago Travel Bags folding duffle and their other luggage, these versatile cubes can fit in any type of bag you already have. From large to slim, you’ll be able to find the perfect cubes for your bag.

Stress Saver

The holidays can be a very stressful time – lots of cooking, shopping for food, traveling, and children are on school break. Don’t waste a second of time worrying about your packed bags.

By using this packing system, you’ll take the stress away from traveling with your family. Help the kids stay organized with these cubes – create a game out of putting dirty clothes back in cubes instead of throwing them on the floor.

Avoid Extra Airline Charges

If you plan on flying, using packing cubes is the perfect way to control the weight of your family’s luggage.

If you’ve ever gotten to the airport only to find that your daughter has packed half her wardrobe into a bag that is 20 pounds over the weight limit causing you hefty fines, this is the perfect packing system for you.

Limit your family members to a specific number of cubes each – and no more. Only let them bring whatever can fit in the cubes. This will allow you to control how much each person is bringing, helping them to not over pack.

If you find yourself at the airport counter with overweight bags, shift cubes to different bags or take out a few to stow in your other bags that you carry on. This will prevent you from paying expensive fees.

We’ve Rounded Out Your Travel Collection

A set of packing cubes is great, but free organizing zip bags are even better! Completing this collection are six organizing durable zip bags.

Perfect for storing a variety of objects, keep your wet items – such as a toothbrush – separate from your clothes, and your electronics safe.

Store the zip bags inside the packing cubes, or throw them in your purse before you leave for the airport.

Don’t be the last of your friends to get this unique, comprehensive travel collection. Armed with packing cubes and organizer zip bags inside a folding duffle, you’ll be set to travel a stress-free holiday trip this year.

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