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Smart Packing Tips to Lighten the Load on Your Holiday Trip

Smart Packing Tips to Lighten the Load on Your Holiday Trip

In today’s day and age of traveling, heavy bags usually mean more money. Lightening your load doesn’t only help while getting around, it could potentially save you time and money.

Start With Lightweight Luggage

What better way to start packing for your holiday trip than to begin with lightweight luggage? Since most airlines weigh luggage, it’s important to use bags that don’t take up much of the weight limit.

Use bags that are made of durable materials that will hold up, but are also lightweight. Bago Travel Bag’s Folding Duffle is a great example of this type of bag. Weighing only .9 pounds, it won’t add any extra weight to your luggage. Since every pound counts, make sure you know how much your empty luggage weighs before you start packing.

Check What the Airline’s Restrictions Are

All airlines are different. Before you leave, check to see what your airline allows you to bring, how much they charge for it, and what the penalties are for going over weight.

Delta Airlines doesn’t allow any free checked bags. The first checked bag costs $25, and must be 50 pounds or under.

American Airlines also charges $25 for the first bag, which can only weigh 50 pounds or less as well.

One of the only airlines to still award free bags, Southwest Airlines allows each ticketed customer to bring two bags, weighing 50 pounds each or less.

Depending on where you’re traveling, United Airlines charges based on your level of flying status and bag weight. Most bags need to be 50 pounds or under.

Many budget airlines such as Spirit or Allegiant have stricter baggage weight limits. International flights sometimes even weigh carry-on bags.

Knowing your limit before you start packing will help you pack efficiently.


Pack Heavy Items in Your Carry-on

As long as your airline doesn’t weigh carry-ons, you’ll be able to set yourself up for a well packed, light-weight checked bag.

Take heavy items that you need to bring and pack them in your carry-on bag. Keep in mind you won’t be able to bring liquids over 3 ounces in bags you carry onto the plane.

Heavier items such as shoes, large electronics, books, hair products and tools, gifts, and souvenirs can be packed safely in your carry-on, allowing for extra storage in your checked bags.

Leave Behind the Toiletries

If you’re traveling with your family or a larger group of friends, it will save you weight and money by leaving shampoo, conditioner, and body wash at home.

Plan to buy regular sizes once you get to your destination. Sample sizes are often very expensive when compared to the amount and price of regular toiletries, and only offer a small amount for your trip.

Buying larger quantities for your party means you won’t have to waste space with heavy liquids when you’re lugging them back and forth.  


Wear Your Clothes On Board

If you’re tight on your weight limit, pack smart. Only bring the clothes you know you’ll need. Plan out each day’s outfit before you pack instead of throwing multiples into your suitcase.

One way to bring more clothes than your weight limit allows is to wear them onto the plane.

Start by layering. Wear a tee shirt under a sweatshirt, followed by a heavy sweater. Bring along a scarf to use as a blanket if need be (most airlines don’t hand out free blankets anymore).

Remember that once you’re through security and all your bags have been weighed, you can always change clothes or switch outfits (as long as you have them in the bag you’re carrying-on) if you’re uncomfortable.


Limit Your Shoes

One of the heaviest items you’re likely to pack, shoes can take up a lot of weight in suitcases.

Think about what you need to bring. Try to pack shoes that are durable and comfortable, but lightweight at the same time. Bring along a pair or two that can work for multiple occasions – casual during the day, but can be used with a dressy outfit at night.

If you really need to bring a big, heavy pair of shoes or boots, try to wear them when you travel. Since you yourself won’t be weighed before you get on the plane, this is a simple way to dodge having to pay extra for your bulky boots.

By packing smart, you can lighten the load on your holiday trip. Think about what you’ll want to wear, plan ahead with how much you’re allowed to bring, and you’ll be able to pack everything you need and want.


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