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6 Modern Day Packing Systems

6 Modern Day Packing Systems

Chances are if you haven’t purchased new luggage in a few years (or a few decades), you’re unsure of what’s out there. The days of horribly expensive sets or pieced-together individual suitcases are over. Here are 6 modern day packing systems to replace your current luggage.

Packing Cubes Set – Back to Basics

For those who are new to the term “packing cubes,” this basic set contains 2 large and 2 medium packing cubes. These cubes are easy and quick ways to organize your clothes and outfits by family member, day of the week, or type of clothing item. Any way you wish to pack your clothes, this modern day packing system can do it. This set also includes 6 zip bag organizers. These small, see-through bags are ideal for tiny items you don’t want lost or dirtied.


Family Travel Set – All the Space Without the Bulk

This 23 piece set is ideal for those traveling in groups or with a family. Including everything you need to travel without carrying around bulky luggage, this color-coated set makes it easy to spot your pieces in a crowded airport. Arrange everyone’s outfits in their own packing cubes, choosing from 4 large or 4 medium cubes. This packing system includes a classic large travel duffle that is lightweight, durable, and foldable.

Pack the packing cubes perfectly inside the duffle or utilize the high-quality foldable backpack included in the set. A toiletry bag completes the packing system, as you’ll be able to easily keep the toothbrushes and mouthwash separate. The set of 12 organizer zip bags are the cherry on top, allowing 2-4 bags for each person. Utilize the bags for jewelry, electronics, phone chargers, and more.

Slim Packing Cubes 4 Piece – For Lighter Travel Days

Whether you’re only taking a backpack or small carry-on bag, there are still packing cubes to fit your needs. Bago, the packing cube headquarters, carries a unique set for those who want to stay organized [even] while keeping their luggage light.. This set of 4 slim packing cubes allows travelers who wish to keep their items dry and clean to do so without the weight or bulk.  



Packing Value Set – the Most for the Least

If you’re in need of a complete packing set for organization, this Bago set is perfect for those who don’t want to spend tons of money. A great value, this set comes with two large and two medium packing cubes that can fit inside any bag or suitcase. Organize your items in packing cubes, along with a toiletry bag and shoe bag. Keep your items separate, neat, and clean while traveling. You’ll be able to stay extra organized with the included 6 zip bag organizers. But the best part of this set? It only costs $59.99.

Colorful Packing Cube Set 5 Piece – Spice Up Your Travel

For those who need to separate outfits for themselves or family members, a set of different colored cubes is a great option. This modern day packing system contains 5 packing cubes: 1 large, 2 medium, and 2 slim, all in different colors. Vacationing with kids? Make travel fun and exciting by letting them pick out their own color cubes. Make it easy for them to spot and stay organized with individual colors.

Long Travel Set – Starting From Scratch

If you’re looking to completely overhaul your entire luggage package, this is the packing system for you. Throw away all your heavy, bulky, ripped suitcases and exchange them for the Long Travel Set. Start your set with the classic Bago Folding Travel Duffel that’s lightweight and strong. Equipped with multiple pockets and different handle options, this versatile bag is the perfect fit.

Outfit your new, durable bag with a choice of the 8 included packing cubes. Choose from the 4 medium or 4 large, depending on how long you’ll be traveling for. Taking different flights during your long travel with unique flight requirements? Easily remove a packing cube or two and switch it to your carry-on bag. Plus, you’ll also get 6 free organizer zip bags – a must have during those long vacations.

One of the most important aspects of choosing your next packing system is quality. If the products you’re investing in aren’t high-quality, you’ll have to replace them in a few months. With Bago Travel Bags, this isn’t the case. And if you’re not satisfied? Return your system for a full refund, 100% guaranteed. The modern day packing system isn’t just the right fit for today – but forever.

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