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Family Travel Set

10 Set Luggage and Accessories Organizer System

$99.95 USD
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Here's the perfect combination to your 'Not another bulky luggage story!

You can have the same spacious carrier minus the weight and bulk.


A hassle-free packing will always make you want to take the next Travel Adventure!

Effective time saver especially when you are in a big rush to pack up as you won't have to spend a lot of time packing. You'll be surprised how it will drastically reduce the amount of time you take to pack and sort through clothes.

Maximize the amount of items you can bring and the space that will be available.

Locating items is a breeze without disrupting everyone else’s belongings. Indeed a stress-free packing as you don't have to rummage through your bag when finding something. 

It's a great packing hack for your family as each member can get a packing cube or two of their own, keeping clothes separate from one another. It's easier to access clothes without messing up the entire arrangement of your luggage or backpack. Prevents wrinkles on your packed clothes which is so important when you don't have time to iron it.

Add convenience for longer trips and destinations with varying climates and settings.

Forget all your Travel Woes. ENJOY an EFFORTLESS Travel!  



  • Pack each day in one cube. It will minimize guesswork on which outfit you’ll be wearing when or if clothes are clean or dirty
  • Put your casual and exercise clothes in one cube while keeping your formal wear protected in another cube.
  • You can separate your jeans from your dress, your T-shirts and tank tops, and your undergarments.
  • Pack your business accessories in one cube, your swimwear in another, personal valuables in the next, and so on. 

Locate items EASILY during your trip as these cubes will surely make you know where to get the item right when you need it. Get access to exactly what you need in a jiff!

Check-Out Has Never Been Easier!

Time saving Travel. NO MORE Airport Troubles And Stress!

No more inconvenience when an airport security checks your luggage as these cubes will keep everything neatly packed and organized.

When you travel, it's advisable to keep an extra outfit readily available by putting in a very accessible separate packing cube.

You'll never know when you'll need a change and when you do, this will help you avoid having to dig through your luggage in front of airport strangers.

The carrying handles make the cubes act as a separate bag or pouch of their own.In case your checked-in baggage is over the weight limit, simply pull out one cube from your luggage and have it as your hand carry. You can also transfer the cubes from one bag to another. 

Avoid over baggage. Eliminate worries of paying for excess baggage fee. 

Our Guarantee To You:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Lightweight Family Set - Simply Return It For A Full Refund!

 Add This Lightweight  Family COMBO Travel set To Your Cart Now Before We Run Out Of Stock.

We always aim for your travel organization with total convenience.

This simply translates to giving you the best and so here's another well-thought-of solution to your family travel needs with this newest sensation "Lightweight Family Travel Set".

  • VALUE FAMILY SET - 23 ITEMS that includes: 8 TRAVEL PACKING CUBES, 1 LARGE FOLDING DUFFEL BAG, 1 TOILETRY BAG & 1 FOLDING BACKPACK.Made from Ripstop fabric and Quality zippers.Lightweight, Durable and Fashionable colors. ALL ARE BACKED WITH BAGO TRAVEL BAGS RISK-FREE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Also comes with 12 ADDITIONAL ORGANIZER PLASTIC ZIP BAGS for complete organization! Everything you need for your family's light & easy traveling -EFFICIENCY AT ITS BEST lining
  • VALUE FAMILY SET - 23 ITEMS that includes: 8 pcs TRAVEL PACKING CUBES, 1 LARGE FOLDING DUFFEL BAG, 1 TOILETRY BAG & 1 FOLDING BACKPACK. Made from Ripstop fabric and Quality zippers. ALL ARE BACKED WITH BAGO TRAVEL BAGS RISK-FREE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Also comes with 12 ADDITIONAL ORGANIZER PLASTIC ZIP BAGS for complete organization! Everything you need for your family's light & easy traveling - EFFICIENCY AT ITS BEST!
  • 2 sets of PACKING CUBES (8 pieces) - 4 Medium Cubes (13.4 x 8.7 x 4 in) & 4 Large Cubes (15.8 x 11.8 x 4 in) in one color. SAVE TIME AND STRESS- Lets you find items fast and easy. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Protects your luggage from stains, wrinkles and damages. AVOID OVERWEIGHT CHARGES AND AIRPORT STRESS - Rearrange weights between bags - Easily and On the Spot! PERFECT FOR HOTEL ROOM - Unpack cubes from your suitcases straight to the closet for a clutter free arrangement. EXTREMELY EASY TO USE!
  • 1 LARGE PACKABLE DUFFLE BAG (11x15x27 inches; 85L capacity) Folds up super small to: 11.8" x 12.6"(30 x 32 cm). YOUR AIRPORT SAVIOR - Unfold at the airport to avoid excess baggage fees or to transfer items from your damaged suitcase as it's Expandable. GET THE SPACE OF A VERY LARGE SUITCASE WITHOUT THE BULK & WEIGHT - Weighs 75% less than your empty suitcase. Use it at home to store large items. With its trendy design and color, you'll be rolling in style!
  • 1 FOLDABLE ALL-AROUND BACKPACK (14.17 x 8.66 x 13.39 inches) SMART AND RELIABLE DAYPACK - Made with water resistant fabric to protect your things from rain, splashes or spills. It has multiple compartments to carry your personal items securely. VERY LIGHT - so you won't strain your back when running or walking. A good choice for kids or adults. HANDY AND COMPACT - Keep it as an extra bag for any impromptu shopping. Use it as a carry on for your excess baggage same way as an expert tourist do!
  • 1 TOILETRY BAG (10x4x9 inches) EASY ORGANIZATION FOR TRAVELLERS - No more digging or dumping everything out to find a piece you need. With space and compartments in a compact size bag, you can take anything you need and keep it all organized in one place! FIND ITEMS WITH LESS EFFORT - Compartments available to fit toiletries and accessories for women. The handle makes it ideal as handbag. REDUCE CLUTTER AND KEEP YOUR BATHROOM TIDY - Use at home to save up space and keep bathroom more organized.


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      Welcome to Bago Travel Bags online store!   In the world of travel bags, there are lots of options to choose from, so why buy from us?

      • We think of you.
        When we created this company, we had our travel experience and your traveling concerns in mind, so we created a line of baggage and packing solution to help you save time, money and the most important part is, for you to enjoy a stress-free travel.

      • We have a new baggage experience for you.
        We want you to travel in a more lightweight, versatile and organised way. Once you try that out, you will never travel the old way again.
        Customers who experienced Bag Packing Cubes for the first time are amazed at how this changed their travel experience and made their trip more peaceful and at ease.
        Our packable bags are durable and lightweight to use as an everyday bag or a just-in-case travel saviour bag for extra shopping, avoiding overweight charges at the airports or save the day when your big bulky suitcase go damaged en route...
        The RFID Blocking travel wallets accessories will help you protect your valuable currencies and documents as well as your digital identity and details while traveling. - you never want to be a victim of pickpocketing or find out you have lost your passport. - Travel with Peace of mind!
      • Top quality for top customers.
        We make sure you get the premium quality you deserve. Bago Travel Bags are uniquely designed for comfort plus style. At a very affordable price, you save not only a few bucks but also your peace of mind and we assure you that our products are worth all your pennies.
        We take pride in manufacturing bags with top quality craftsmanship by using finest and most advanced fabrics, zippers and other materials in today's market as well as quality craftsmanship and quality control processes.

      • Superb customer service.
        We take customer satisfaction super seriously as we believe you should always get the best pre and after sale service. Whether you have bought one item or you are a returning customer - each customer gets our full attention.
        In today's online market - we want you to feel comfortable shopping with us as we have dedicated customer support people at your service just waiting to help you with anything you need.

        All you need to do is let us know how we can help.



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