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Yes, You Can Even Pack the Kitchen Sink

Yes, You Can Even Pack the Kitchen Sink

While we are always encouraging packing light, there are those of us who just don’t have that ability. For us, we need special, durable luggage that holds up to all of our packing needs.

The endurance duffle from Bago Travel Bags gets the job done, every single time. And for the heavy-weight travelers: yes, you can even pack the kitchen sink.

Heavy Packers Need Heavy-Duty

When you’re a heavy packer, you need a bag that you can depend on. While lightweight bags are convenient and can save you money, they aren’t for everyone in every situation.

Packing bigger objects such as heavy hiking boots or delicate, breakable cameras or electronics need more support and protection. Choose a bag made out of a durable material that is well made. High quality stitching and zippers are important; it’s no use having a bag that can hold lots of weight if the zippers break or straps snap.

A Heavy-Duty Bag Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

Most people hear about heavy-duty bags and think of harsh, industrial-type designs. You’ll be surprised and delighted with this fashionable design available in black or brown.

Whatever type of event or engagement you’ll be attending, you’ll fit right in with this design. From parties to outdoor hikes, the endurance duffle is the right bag for you.

Stand Out and Don’t Lose Your Bag

With 21.8 million bags mishandled or lost each year in airports, you don’t want to be watching as a stranger picks up your average, run-of-the-mill black suitcase and walks away with it.

This unique, attractive bag will immediately grab your attention and help to prevent you and your luggage from becoming just another statistic.

Pick a Bag to Hold What You’re Bringing

Each travel experience is different, and sometimes you need luggage that can hold tons of stuff – this is your bag. With 53 liters of capacity, it can hold everything you bring, plus everything you plan on buying.

If you’re bringing heavy, bulky clothes, blankets, electronics that need secure packing, or other large items, this endurance duffle is the bag you’ll want to use.

When planning on bringing a larger bag, make sure it fits all of the travel requirements you may face when flying, driving, or taking a train.

Be Prepared with a Versatile Bag

If you’re not sure what you’ll encounter, bringing a versatile bag is key. This duffle can turn from an easy-to-carry duffle bag to a backpack in the blink of an eye.

Either way you carry it, the endurance duffle can hold up to four individual packing cubes for easy storage.

Carry Comfortably

One of the worst situations to be in is having to lug a huge, heavy bag around that is extremely uncomfortable. If you know you’re going to have a heavy sack, make sure it will be easy to carry.

High-quality, padded straps are a must. Choosing a bag that can transform from a duffle to a backpack allows you to switch positions so you won’t get tired out or injured. When your shoulders are sore, switch to holding it in your hands as a duffle.

While we don’t recommend it, and it probably isn’t a necessary item to bring along, if you’d like to pack the kitchen sink – go for it. With this bag, you can! For all the heavyweight packers out there, make sure you pick a bag that will hold up and do what you need it to – literally.

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