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5 Things A Seasoned Traveler Must Do This Fall

5 Things A Seasoned Traveler Must Do This Fall

As the weather changes from hot summer days to cool autumn nights, fall is a great time to pack your bags and travel. With the changing weather, temperatures drop – and so do ticket prices.

Take advantage of all the vacation days you’ve left and try these 5 things a seasoned traveler must do this fall.

Embrace the Northeast Weather

Before the frigid winter hits, all seasoned travelers know to take advantage of the wonderful fall weather the Northeastern U.S. has to offer.

The beautiful autumn foliage provides the perfect setting for peaceful, serene camping. If you usually avoid tents because of the hot, humid, muggy summer weather, now is your opportunity to explore a new method of vacationing.

Some of the best places to explore the great outdoors and appreciate all the Northeast has to offer can be found at State and National Parks. Check out one of these parks this fall:

Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania

Letchworth State Park, New York

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

Acadia National Park, Maine

Watkins Glenn State Park, New York

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Enjoy a Cottage Getaway

The months of August through November provide the perfect opportunity to escape reality and spend the week in a cabin.

No matter where you are in the world, unplugging and getting away in the woods is a must-do this fall. From North America to Europe, cabins are all over the world. Some of the best cottages and cabins for rent include:

Riverside Log Cabin, Washington

Luxury Mountain Cabin, Idaho

Molehus, North Friesian Islands, Germany

Cabin on Acres, North Carolina

Romantic Woodlands Lodge & Spa, England

Luxury Mountain Lodge, Tennessee

Half-Moon Off-the-Grid Cabin, California

Mountain Retreat, Colorado

Take an Old-School Photo Walk

Many travelers visit incredible locations and see unbelievable sights, but don’t have time to stop and appreciate the moment by recording it. On your next trip, take an old-school photo walk with a film camera.

Dig in your closet or attic to find your old 35 mm film camera. Black and white or color film is still available in many stores, so be sure to pick up a few rolls before your next vacation.

Whether you’re in a big, bustling city or calm, serene woods, bringing along a film camera and talking a “photo walk” will help you to capture some great shots you normally wouldn’t be able to.

While you’re traveling around, stop every once in a while and snap a few shots of everything and everyone around you. When you get back home, you’ll be racing to the store to get your film developed and re-live your trip all over again.

Make Your Weekends Count

Before the weather starts to take a turn for the worst, make the most of the fall weekends and explore everything your area has to offer.

Many seasoned, wanderlusting travelers are constantly looking for their next adventure, but often fail to see everything that’s around them. Take time this fall to explore the unique spots within traveling distance.

Book a bed and breakfast for a quick Friday to Sunday trip, sneak in a few museum visits, eat local foods, and delve into everything you local area has to offer.

Plan Your Winter Travel

If you’re like most other travel-crazed vacationers, you’re always looking ahead towards your next trip. Fall is the perfect time to plan and book your winter travel.

Prices tend to drop along with the temperature, so start looking where you can go for cheap. Locations that aren’t warm and tropical will have the lowest prices. Though it may be a bit colder in these places, you will notice a major price difference in hotel and travel prices.

Seasoned travelers have already done the basics; they’ve visited the big cities, stayed in hotels, and have made more than one trip this year. But if you’re looking for new, more exciting adventures, head for the woods in your own cabin, take a camera photo walk, and get ready for the trips you’ve yet to take.

As summer wraps up and comes to an end, get ready for the 5 things a seasoned traveler must do this fall.

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