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6 Best Packing Tips for a Beach Getaway

6 Best Packing Tips for a Beach Getaway

What’s better than a beach getaway in the summer? Long, warm, sunny days filled with fun in the water, cool drinks, and sand castles await you.

But packing for a beach trip can be hard – no one likes wet clothes or sandy shoes tracking a mess into the house. So what’s the plan? Use these 6 best packing tips for a beach getaway and your next vacation will be mess-free.


Keep Your Electronics Dry

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than losing your electronics. Prevent them from getting damaged by storing them properly and keeping them dry.

Keep your cell phone, music player, and other electronics in a waterproof drybag. Store your phone in a bag far from the water when not in use. When using a waterproof drybag, keep it close to your person or hung around your neck to prevent it from falling in the water.

Travel Light

A new type of bag on the market, Bago’s Inflatable Beach Tote is perfect for beach getaways. With a wide variety of colors and styles, this bag is sure to fit every woman’s style.

Nearly weightless as it’s filled with only air, this bag is supportive and protects all of your belongings. Get sandy? No worries. Simply wash away sand or dirt from this easy-to-clean material. All of the features of this bag make it the perfect beach bag to pack.

Pack the Essentials

While you might be ready for fun in the sun, it’s important to pack the essentials before you leave. Aside from your swimsuit and towel, there are a few things you’ll want to remember.

Bring along something to sit on – whether it’s towels, blankets, or chairs, be sure it can be easily cleaned when you leave. Take along items to keep you busy – portable music speakers, books, footballs, water games, and other fun beach toys.

Remember something to store your small, important belongings in, such as organizer zip bags for your money, keepsakes, and other valuables.

Store Food Safely

Planning on eating? If you’re bringing food to the beach with you, pack it safely in appropriate coolers and bags. According to the USDA, cold foods must be stored at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and hot or warm foods must be stored at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Pack plenty of water and keep it cool to stay hydrated. Stay away from sugary drinks such as soda and artificial juice to prevent dehydration.

Save Your Skin

Bring plenty of sunscreen, at least SPF 30. Pack an umbrella, large hat, and sunglasses – all the essentials to keep the sun off your skin.

Don’t forget lip balm to keep your lips safe. Wear clothes that protect your skin – long sleeve beach shirts that are lightweight and have SPF in them.

Sand Belongs On the Beach

Not looking to track sand back with you? Keep it where it belongs. Before you leave for the beach, pack a few cheap plastic bags from the grocery store. When it’s time to leave, slide sandy shoes, messy clothes, and dirty blankets into their own bags.

Do the same with all wet clothes. Once you’re off the beach, take your dirty, sandy items and put them all in one packing cube. This way, once everything is packed up, your clean clothes will be kept separate from the dirty ones.

Before you leave for you next vacation, pack all the essentials you’ll need to keep the sand where it belongs. By storing your beach gear separately, bringing along the right bags, and packing your items carefully, you’ll have no worries except how much fun you’ll have on your next beach getaway.

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