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Why Traveling Outside of School Holidays is Easier on Your Budget

Why Traveling Outside of School Holidays is Easier on Your Budget

Most children have many school breaks throughout the year: winter, spring, and a long summer break that lasts around 2-3 months. And while it may seem like the most convenient time to take a vacation, it won’t be the cheapest.

Traveling outside of school holidays is easier on your budget. Wondering why? Keep these 5 factors in mind when booking your next vacation.

Flights Will Be Cheaper

If you plan on taking the kids across country and need to fly, traveling outside of their school breaks will allow you to pay less for airline tickets.

Airlines know when the most common times for school breaks are, and tend to hike up the cost of tickets. But traveling outside of these times allow you to choose the cheapest times and dates to fly.

By not limiting your family to the exact week of a certain school break, you’re able to be flexible when you fly, allowing you to book your tickets at the lowest price. Here are the 6 Ways To Find A Cheap Flight.

Driving Will Be Easier

While gas prices are currently at a low point compared to the last eight years, a spike can still be seen during holidays.

If you’re packing the whole family in the car to get to your destination, driving outside of school holidays could save you some money at the pump.

Traveling during times that aren’t school vacations will also save you time during your travel. The most people tend to be driving on the road during vacation times, and especially during holiday weekends.

According to USA Today, 9 of the top 10 worst days to travel all occur during typical school vacation times. Try to avoid these times for the cheapest and easiest travel.

Hotels Will Costs Less

Since most hotels don’t have set rates, they change them based on tourism seasons. When rooms start to get booked and there is limited availability, hotels start to increase their prices.

Traveling on off-times of school holidays will allow you to pay less for your hotel room. It will also increase the chances of having availability in the exact hotel you’re looking to book.

Make Sure the Local Schools Aren’t on Break Too

While you may have taken several of these factors into consideration, it’s important to do a little research before you book your trip too.

Many parts of the country, and even around the world, go on vacations at different times. The Southern U.S. may let school out at different times than the Northern U.S. because of differences in weather conditions.

If the place you’re planning to visit will have all schools on break, you can bet that the area will be much busier — and pricier — than normal. And while there won’t be tourists traveling about, the locals that are out of school may make a considerable difference in wait times at attractions, parks, restaurants, and sporting events. Plan for prices to be up in these areas as well.

Book Far in Advance

Since most schools come out with their schedules a half or even a full year in advance, it’s easy to plan ahead.

Booking months in advance will allow you to get the best prices on flights, accommodations, and even event tickets. It will also help you to plan your children’s school year better.

Once you know the dates you’ll be gone, you will be able to plan with your children and their teacher to discuss what they can do to catch up on anything they’ll miss during vacation.

While the children may have to miss some school, traveling outside of school holidays can save you money and will be easier on your budget.

Because of the many financial benefits that come with traveling during off times, it may be the best time to take your next vacation.

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