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Holiday Travel Mishaps: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Holiday Travel Mishaps: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

We plan for fun; for good times, laughs with families, and making memories. Travelers rarely think ahead on what they would do if the worst were to happen.

While it’s not ideal when thinking about holiday travel, it’s always good to have a back-up plan for holiday mishaps. Know exactly what to do when things go wrong during your holiday travel.

When Your Flight is Delayed – Or You Miss It

Before you even step into the airport, make sure you know the policy for your airline tickets.

Each airline is different – some offer taxis and hotel rides when planes are delayed for a certain list of reasons, while others will do nothing and you’ll be stuck in the airport sleeping on the floor.

Check with your airline to see if there is another flight they can put you on. One way to avoid waiting hours on end, is instead of waiting in line in-person at the airline counter, call the airline from your cell phone. Often times, the call centers can handle a much large volume of calls and deal with your problem quicker.

If you suspect there will be inclement weather or you feel your plane is going to be delayed, look into insurance the airline might offer, and see if it makes sense to invest in your ticket.

When Your Luggage Gets Lost

Always pack a few extra outfits in your carry-on bags, so you’ll be able to last a day or two until your situation gets figured out.

Once you realized your luggage has been lost, visit the counter of the airline to speak with someone who will be able to tell you when you can expect your luggage. Will it be shipped to you? Will you need to pick it up? Do they have an idea of where it might be? Make sure you ask all the important questions and leave your contact information with them – including the local address of where you’ll be staying.

Be sure to always add luggage tags on your suitcases and bags, in the event that they do get lost.

When You Get Mugged or Robbed

Avoid this travel mishap that that may ruin your holiday fun or end your entire trip. Keep small amounts of cash on you in secure places. Neck Stash Pouches and Money Belts are great ways to keep your money safe and secure.

In the event that you are mugged, report it to the local authorities. Always store an extra set of your travel and personal documents in a safe back at the hotel, along with an additional credit card and some cash.

Make sure that every time you leave the hotel, think: if you were to get mugged, would you lose everything and be stuck in a foreign country or city? Don’t put yourself in that situation and be prepared.

When there is an Emergency Back Home

Things happen, and sometimes you need to get home fast.

Know what the rules and regulations are for your airline. Can you transfer your flight if you call within certain amount of time beforehand? Will they issue you a voucher to purchase another flight if you call the airline?

Leave your information with family and friends back home so they will always know how to reach you, and where you’ll be traveling on which day.

If you have to get home and can’t spend another night away, make sure you know how much you will be able to spend if it’s an absolute must. Set a budget for you and your travel partners beforehand, just in case you need to purchase a ticket at the last minute that could be expensive.

When You’re Faced with a Medical Emergency

In case of an emergency, always seek out help and go to the closest hospital or medical center. When traveling abroad, it’s never smart to forego medical treatment if it’s an emergency just because it could be expensive – being proactive could save your life.

Prior to leaving, call your insurance agency and ask what your policy covers when traveling to your destination. Sometimes emergency visits are covered, other times they are not.

Also check out if you’ll need specific medications or vaccinations to visit the place you’ll be traveling to. This can help to prevent medical emergencies from happening while traveling.

Travel mishaps are unfortunate, but they do happen – especially during the chaotic time of the holidays. By being prepared and knowing what your plan will be when disaster strikes, you will know exactly what to do when things go wrong during your holiday travel.

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