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Tips for Dressing Your Kids Right During Long Travel Adventures

Tips for Dressing Your Kids Right During Long Travel Adventures

Ask any parent what their favorite things to do are and you can be guaranteed their answer won’t be “traveling with kids.” Whenever you need to get somewhere and long travel is involved, taking the little ones along can be tough.

But what you bring along and dress them in can change the outcome of your entire travels. Use these tips for dressing your kids right during long travel adventures for an easier day.


Layer Up

Have you ever been on a plane and heard, “I’m HOT” or “It’s too cold in here!”? To avoid temperature-induced temper tantrums, layer your children in different clothes. Start by dressing them in a base of a short-sleeved shirt. Put a long sleeve shirt over top, and have them wear, or tie around their waste, a sweatshirt. This way if your little ones get hot, they can take off some layers, and if they get cold, you can help them put on their sweatshirt to keep them warm. If they tend to get hot, pack a pair of comfy shorts they can change into later.


Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers.

Consider the weather you’re coming from and where you’re headed. Many times going from snow to sun is challenging, and it isn’t fun – or smart – to have a child running through the snow in flip-flops. The safest bet no matter the weather is a comfortable pair of socks with sturdy sneakers.

Flip-flops, sandals, and other shoes are easy to pack in your bags. Sneakers are the ideal choice, aside from weather-based decisions, to have kids wear during long travel adventures because of ease. Running, jumping, and skipping will pose no challenges or safety hazards when they’re wearing sneakers. Bonus points if they’re lace-free!

Wearable Backpack

Why put the pressure on your kids to keep track of suitcases or bags? Pack them a backpack full of things to do and extra clothes. This will make it much easier for them to carry, and will allow you to stress less that they’re going to lose their bag.

Bago’s packable backpack is perfect for wandering little ones. With adjustable straps, you can outfit them with this practical backpack. Its bright, vibrant colors will give you an extra way to keep an eye on the kids while feeling confident you know where their backpack is.

An Extra Outfit is Key

Always be sure to pack an extra outfit when traveling with kids of any age. Kids are messy; they have accidents, they spill, and things happen. Keep an extra outfit that they’ll be comfortable wearing in your carry on luggage or bags.

Also consider keeping an extra outfit with you for each child during long travel so they can change when they get to the destination. If you’re coming from a warm environment, having clothes for cold weather is important. Keeping your children dressed appropriately throughout the entirety of your travels is imperative – not just for their safety, but also for your sanity.

Let Your Kids Pick Their Outfit

Allowing your little ones to choose the outfit they’ll be traveling in (within reason, and with mom and dad’s approval of course!) will help to defray any issues with being uncomfortable. While kids can change their mind at the flip coin, empowering them to pick their clothes the day or two before traveling can make the trip easier on everyone.

Traveling with your kids on long travel adventures can be made easier by being strategic. Picking the right clothes and dressing them in a way that works for you and them is the surest way for smooth travels. Topping their outfit off with a functional and stylish backpack will keep everything together whether you’re driving, flying, or sailing.

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