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Air Travel- How To Deal with A Screaming Baby Mid Flight

Air Travel- How To Deal with A Screaming Baby Mid Flight

Air Travel: How To Deal with A Screaming Baby Mid Flight

Flying on a plane isn’t on most parents’ bucket list, but sometimes you need to travel with a little one. Babies and toddlers are some of the most difficult ages to bring on a plane, as they can be unpredictable and difficult to control. With this guide, you’ll learn how to deal with a screaming baby mid-flight.

Prep Your Neighbors For the Worst

You know it might happen, so before you even get on a plane prepare for a crying fit. Pack “baby bags” for your airline neighbors.

Before the flight takes off, kindly turn to your neighbor and let them know that you wish you didn’t have to travel with a baby, but this time you have to, and you’re thankful for their understanding during the flight. Then hand them their baby bag!

What’s in a baby bag? Think of what you might want if you had to deal with a crying child sitting in the seat next to you. Include a pack of gum, set of earplugs, a candy bar or two – some small treats that might make their time in the air more enjoyable. They’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Give the Baby Something to Suck On

One of the main reasons babies cry on planes is because they’re actually in pain. It is difficult for their small eardrums to handle the pressure of being at such a high altitude, and crying is their way of expressing themselves.

Giving the baby something to suck on may help to ease this pain. Since they can’t chew on gum, letting them suck on pacifiers, teething toys, or blankets may be a good way to reduce their discomfort.

Keep Your Options Open

Most airlines will allow a baby or toddler to fly for free if they can sit on your lap. However, this may be difficult for flights longer than an hour. Most little ones don’t like to sit still for too long, and being constrained to your lap might stress both of you out.

Purchasing an extra seat next to you will be worth every cent when you have an additional option when the baby starts to get fussy. Your little one will like having the extra room, and gives you another seat when you can’t keep them on your lap anymore.

Remember to check with your airline for the requirements of a baby sitting alone in a seat. Most times a car seat is required.

Plan Your Supplies Accordingly

You’ll be able to estimate what you should bring based on how long your flight is, allowing you to plan accordingly.

If you know you’ll be flying during a meal time for the baby, make sure to bring enough food – and extra in case of delays – to keep them full. Also be sure to pack extra diapers and outfits. With all of the chaos of flying, don’t let something as preventable as hunger or dirty diapers cause your baby to cry.

Take a Walk

Walking around in the airport beforehand, as well as on the plane once it’s safe, can be great ways to get the baby to calm down.

If your plane is large enough, take a walk down the aisle once it’s safe to do so. Seeing the new sights and environments might take your babies mind off of what’s making him or her upset.

Bring Something Familiar From Home

Often times, babies and toddlers cry on a flight because they’re afraid, scared, and confused. The environment on a plane is totally different than they’ve ever experienced. Make them feel more comfortable and bring something they know and love.

Bringing along something familiar from home may help soothe your upset little one. Whether something soft and comfy like a stuffed animal, or their favorite wooden puzzle, an item they go to for comfort might help stop them from crying.

It’s bound to happen – babies cry. While it may be inevitable, there are ways to help soften the blow to those around you and soothe your little one when they’re upset. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm, and understand that many of the passengers around you are also parents, and they have been in your shoes – or seat.  


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