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Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers / Travel Lovers

Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers / Travel Lovers
No matter the holiday you and your family celebrate, gift giving is a big part of the season.

Studies show that the average person spends $882 on holiday gifts. Save money and still give quality gifts while shopping at Bago Travel Bags.

Instead of panicking at the last second and getting them something they won’t like, take a look at these top holiday gift ideas for the traveler on your holiday list!

A Safe Way To Store Money And Belongings

Whether your traveler has a trip planned in a hot tropical location, a sunny city or a chilly cabin retreat, a way to safely store their money and belongings is always a sure-fire guarantee for a great gift.

Bago Travel Bag’s Neck Stash and Passport Holder Money Belt are both great options for your traveler to keep their money on them safely and discreetly at all times.

Giving them a way to keep their money safe is something they will benefit form all year long. They’ll be thanking you for their gift long after the holidays have passed!

A Way To Stay Organized

Something every traveler craves, staying organized is hard unless you have the proper tools.

Equip your travel lover this holiday season by gifting them practical and useful packing cubes. They will be able to pack all of their items in the order they choose – by day, location, weather, family member and more.

A single packing cube or together as a set, your traveler will be excited to receive this convenient solution to staying organized.

A Folding Duffle

A must-have for the most adventurous of travelers, this duffle is perfect for those who aren’t sure what they’ll encounter on their travels.

By gifting this bag, you’ll allow your traveler to bring along a bag that has plenty of space and can also fold away if they no longer need it later on during the trip. Plus, it will hold the packing cubes you gift them perfectly!

Whether it’s their main piece of travel luggage or a just-in-case back-up bag, they will love this lightweight foldable duffle bag.

A Waterproof Bag

Gifting a small, waterproof bag is a foolproof way to impress your travel lover. 

With a see-through window so they can easily spot which item they’re looking for inside, this waterproof bag makes it a great addition to any travelers’ bag collection.

Using high-quality materials, Bago’s Dry Bags are completely waterproof and come with a high quality durable and adjustable shoulder strap.

As an additional gift, this bag comes with a separate waterproof cell phone holder so they’ll also be able to take their phone with them wherever they go.

The recipient of this gift will be able to go anywhere and keep their belongings safe from any water or elements they may encounter.

A Packable Backpack

A packable backpack is a gift that should be under every traveler’s tree.

Extremely lightweight and made out of durable nylon, this bag will not rip no matter where they choose to take it on their travels.

They will appreciate the ease of this backpack when they realize they’re able to fold it into itself and pack it away when they no longer need it.

Pick one of the four colors offered in this bag, and your traveler is sure to be impressed.

Their Own Toiletry Bag

Since many couples and families that travel together also pack their bags together, getting your travel lover their very own toiletry bag is a great way to give them their personal space. 

By getting their own toiletry bag, your traveler will be able to pack all of their own bathroom and personal necessities safely in one of the multiple organizer compartments inside.

They will be able to keep their liquids safe inside the mesh pockets that zipper to keep their belongings organized. This bag also comes with side pockets that zipper to store makeup brushes, toothbrush, razors or shaving gel they may want to take along.

Travelers of all kinds will love and appreciate any of these great gifts. By choosing one that fits the travel lover in your life, you’re sure to hit a home run with your gift giving this holiday season.


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