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Travelling With Kids This Holiday? These SIMPLE Smart Parent Tips Are Just Right For You!

Travelling With Kids This Holiday? These SIMPLE Smart Parent Tips Are Just Right For You!

Taking kids’ needs into consideration is an important part of travelling with them. As a parent, it’s our job to keep them safe, clean, and healthy — all vital factors of easy and simple travel.

Using these simple, smart parent tips can help ease the worries and stress of travel this holiday season.

Keep The Kids Organized

Stay stress free by keeping the kids organized. Knowing where their items are will make it easier and less stressful for you as a parent while on your trip.

Before you leave on your journey, packing with Bago Travel Bag’s
Packing Cubes will make organization simple and easy.

Use the cubes to sort kids’ outfits per day or activity, or utilize theiAr organizational features to keep their clean clothes separate from the dirty ones.

When travelling with two or more children, use different color packing cubes for each child. Letting kids pick between one of the nine different colors offered will make packing more appealing to them.

Color-coding their luggage and bags can be a fun — and easy — way to quickly sort between different children’s baggage.

Stash Your Cash

Travelling with kids can be distracting, and many times your attention can be diverted to other situations going on around you. 

Keep your money and travel documents safe and out of the way while travelling using a neck stash or money belt

This will allow you to access the documents and cash quickly, while also focusing your attention on the safety and well-being of your children.

Pack Snacks

Hungry kids are unhappy kids. While you may be able to last an hour or two longer before your next meal, your kids might not.

Pack plenty of dry, healthy snacks to bring along. Trail mix, pretzels, granola bars and string cheese are all great examples of snacks that are easy to pack and won’t give your child a sugar rush.

Be sure to keep in mind the TSA standards for what is acceptable in terms of bringing on liquids. Keep liquids in containers 3 ounces or under, and make sure to read all rules and regulations before travelling.

Keep Them Entertained

Keeping kids entertained is the key to simple and easy travel. There are many ways to entertain the little ones.

Pack all of their favorite items in a backpack just for them. Bago Travel Bags’ Packable Backpack has plenty of space and is great for kids because of their easily identifiable colors.

Here are a few items to pack in their travel bag:

  • Reading books and coloring books
  • Portable TV/DVD player
  • Personal video game
  • Their favorite children’s magazine
  • Stuffed animal
  • Card games
  • Dolls or action figures

These backpacks are especially great to bring along because of how lightweight it is, making it convenient for the children to carry it themselves. Allowing them to carry their own backpack will give them responsibility and something to focus on while they travel with mom and dad.

Anticipate The Return Trip

Most times, families return from trips with more than they brought. Whether they are souvenirs or holiday gifts, make sure you are prepared ahead of time.

Bringing a folding duffle bag will allow you to save room on the trip there, and provide you with extra packing space in case you return with gifts.

Planning ahead and bringing a duffle bag will save you on shipping costs that you might have encountered when sending the gifts back home in the mail.

Remember Gum And Medicine

As long as they are old enough to chew it and not swallow it, bring along some gum in your carry on or in the car for the kids. This will help with their ears popping during takeoff and landing.

Bring any medications they might need, and also remember to pack a motion sickness medication for kids.

While they might not need it, it is better to be prepared — especially if it is their first time flying on a plane or driving long distance. Be sure to check with their doctor before giving them any sort of medication.

Prep Kids For The Flight

If they’ve never flown before, travelling on a big plane can be scary for young children. Before the trip, prepare them for everything they will be seeing, doing and hearing during travel.

Make sure they are aware of what happens during security. Dress them in shoes that are easy to take on and off.

Explain that they might have to wait in long lines. Don’t get upset when they get antsy — it’s better for them to move around and get their energy out now, than wanting to move about the plane or car.

Planning ahead for travelling with kids is the key to easy, simple and safe travel.

Know where you are going and what is expected of you and your family in those areas, including all airline rules and regulations. Stay smart and travel easily with kids by keeping these simple tips in mind. 

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