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How To Have A Stress Free Thanksgiving Trip

How To Have A Stress Free Thanksgiving Trip

From arranging the big meal to deciding where you'll be staying, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for Families.

Long distance car rides can be especially tough, even more so if kids are in the car. The key to avoiding stress on long trips is planning ahead.

Travelling to and from your holiday destination is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of your trip. Following these tips and tricks will help you to have a stress free Thanksgiving trip.

Staying Entertained

There are many ways you and your family can stay entertained on a trip. Planning ahead is key to keeping your travel stress free, and tiny voices from peeping “I’m BORED” out of the back seat.

If you’re the driver, try pre-selecting your favorite music, either on CD or digital devices, such as your phone. If music isn’t your thing, listening to books-on-tape is a great way to keep yourself awake and alert at the wheel.

Pack a fun bag for the kids in fun-colored backpacks they will love. Bago Travel Bags Packable Backpack works great for this, with plenty of room and storage pockets. Utilize the side pockets and pack each backpack with a unique water bottle for the kids to bring along.

Include items such as reading and coloring books, dolls, personal DVD players, and stuffed animals. Try to avoid toys and games that have lots of pieces and parts, such as puzzles, that can easily become lost.

 Eating On The Go

Decide ahead of time if you’ll need to stop for food. Depending on how long your trip is, you may want to plan to eat at a restaurant or bring snacks for the road. Studies show that when people are hungry, they tend to be cranky, angry, and even aggressive. Prevent this while travelling by keeping you and your family full and happy. If you plan on stopping at a restaurant, look up options ahead of time. Agree on a place that everyone will like in order to avoid possible disagreements once everyone becomes hungry. Make sure there is something on the menu everyone will like, so the meal stop can be as easy, quick, and stress free as possible. Snacks you can share are great for car rides. Make snacking fun for the kids and treat them to alternative snacks they might not normally get at home. But play it safe — stay away from sugary foods and drinks to avoid a sugar-high temper tantrum half way through the ride!

Be Realistic

Depending on your method of travel, you may be restricted to what you can bring. Be realistic in the way you pack your luggage. If you’re flying, you may have weight restrictions for checked baggage. To avoid stress at the ticket counter, confirm with the airline the approved bag weight, and then pre-weigh your checked bag. 

Bago Travel Bags
Packing Cubes are perfect in case you find your bag overweight. Simply choose one of the packable cubes to remove and place it in another bag so you are not overweight for any of your bags. This can prevent an embarrassing scene of your underwear being tossed in the open at the ticket counter.

Laugh It Off

The truth is, no matter how much you plan your Thanksgiving trip, something is bound to go astray at some point. Hans Selye once said, “Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” Don’t let your troubles get to you and possibly ruin your trip; make the best of them. Stay positive, be happy, and laugh off any troubles that may come your way. This Thanksgiving, planning ahead for your trip can make all the difference once you begin travelling.

Have a stress free trip with you and your family by staying entertained, packing appropriately and remembering not to take anything too seriously.  


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