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7 Travellers Tips That Can Save Your Thanksgiving Trip!

7 Travellers Tips That Can Save Your Thanksgiving Trip!

One of the busiest times to travel during the year, thanksgiving is a holiday that should be spent at the dinner table with family —  not wanting in traffic and airport lines. dont let the chaos of travel ruin your trip.

These 7 travellers tips can save your Thanksgiving trip:

Know The Easiest Days To Travel On: Driving

While the worst day to travel on during the Thanksgiving season varies with each region, the overall busiest day of the week to make your holiday commute is on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Avoid traveling specifically around dinnertime of that day, as this is when there is the most traffic. Aim to get on the road early, 2-3 days before Thanksgiving Day if possible. If leaving early is not an option for you and your family, traveling on Thanksgiving Day itself is a great alternative. Surprisingly, this is one of the least busy days on the road during the week. Leaving early in the morning will allow you to still make it to the dinner table on time. When returning home, the Sunday after Thanksgiving will prove to be an easier commute than Saturday. While it may seem the opposite, many people want to return home after the holiday to have a day of rest. Make your drive easier by commuting on Sunday.

Know The Cheapest Days To Travel On: Flying

Since ticket prices vary greatly on a number of (sometimes) unpredictable variables, it is best to shop early for your plane tickets and check prices often. Consider leaving out of alternative airports that have smaller airlines you normally wouldn’t fly. While avoiding flying anytime between Wednesday through Sunday is optimal, it’s not a practical option for most families. It has been shown through studies that the cheapest day to fly to your destination is on Thanksgiving Day itself, with a return flight the very next day, Friday. These two days also prove to have the least amount of delays during Thanksgiving travel time. If you’re looking for a longer trip and willing to spend a bit more, departing on Monday or Wednesday and returning on Friday comes in a close second in terms of cost.

Keep Your Documents On You

Whether your boarding pass is on your phone digitally or you use a paper version, be sure to keep it on you at all times. Safely store your ticket, passport, I.D. and any other necessary travel documents in Bago Travel Bags’ Passport Money Holder Belt. Keeping it hidden underneath a layer of clothing will ensure it is secure and out of anyone’s eyesight, safe from possible threats. Plus, you won’t be left fumbling for your ticket to confirm your seat on the plane in the middle of an aisle.

Utilize Your Carry-On

Aside from packing light in general, aim to bring carry-on bags that are packed well. Most airlines allow for one carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge. Using Bago Travel Bags Packable Backpack as your personal item can provide plenty of storage, while still being able to fold away if you don’t need it on your return trip.

Make Sure Your Gifts Arrive Safely

If you’re traveling by plane, train or car, utilizing Bago Travel Bag’s Packable Duffle Bag is a great option. Available in either 23” or 27”, the bags have a huge amount of carrying capacity to fit any size gift you might be bringing. Ensure that presents will stay safe and organized with these bags. The duffels also collapse and fold into themselves afterwards, making extra room in your hotel or guest room after you’ve dished out the goods.

Travel Safely With Food

Do you have the secret family sweet potato casserole recipe that just has to be at Thanksgiving dinner? If you need to travel with food, remember to pack smart and in a way that will keep it at the proper temperature. Cold foods need to remain at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and hot foods at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. These temperatures need to be maintained in order to keep food safe for consumption. Prepare dishes ahead of time and cook them once you get to your destination. Insulated electric coolers are great options for those traveling in cars and don’t want to stop every few hours for ice.

Keep Calm And Travel On

While the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving travel can be overwhelming, it is important to keep calm and maintain a level head. Everybody is trying to get to their destination in a hurry, and being rude or causing problems won’t help you or your traveling companions. Keep in mind that while you are on holiday, the men and women getting you to and from your destination are not — be sure to show them extra courtesy and gratitude for their efforts while you travel. 

Thanksgiving travel can be made less chaotic and stressful by following a few simple tips. How do you make your Thanksgiving travel easier for you and your family?


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