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Tips for Dressing Your Kids Right During Long Travel Adventures

Ask any parent what their favorite things to do are and you can be guaranteed their answer won’t be “traveling with kids.” Whenever you need to get somewhere and long travel is involved, taking the little ones along can be tough. But what you bring along and dress them in can change the outcome of your entire travels. Use these...

The Do's And Don'ts Before Checking Out

Many times, hotels don’t only make money on their guests’ room bookings, but through the guests themselves – by charging them extra checkout fees. To ensure you are leaving and not paying for anything extra, or covering “damages” you shouldn’t have to, always follow these “do’s” and “don’ts” before checking out of your next hotel. DO Ask for a Receipt...

Urban Travel Made Easy for the Elderly

Aging isn’t easy for the elderly or their family members. As things start to change in their life, vacationing doesn’t have to. While there are adjustments that will no doubt need to be made, certain tools can help make the journey easier for everyone. This Travel Adjustable Walking Cane is a must for those traveling with the elderly. Not Your...

How To Find The Perfect European Hotel For Your Family Holiday

Many families steer away from Europe for family trips, but it is a destination that should be at the very top of all traveling family’s lists. With a wide range of cultural and historical destinations in dozens of countries, a European holiday could be just the adventure your family is looking for. Once you learn how to find the perfect...

Traveling with the Elderly: What to Consider

A family trip isn’t complete unless the whole family is there. But sometimes traveling with grandparents and other elderly family members can be difficult. Luckily the travel industry has several tips and tricks to make traveling with the elderly easier. Here’s what to consider. Prepare Them for the Trip The elderly can usually handle more than you think if they’re...

Air Travel- How To Deal with A Screaming Baby Mid Flight

Air Travel: How To Deal with A Screaming Baby Mid Flight Flying on a plane isn’t on most parents’ bucket list, but sometimes you need to travel with a little one. Babies and toddlers are some of the most difficult ages to bring on a plane, as they can be unpredictable and difficult to control. With this guide, you’ll learn...

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