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Urban Travel Made Easy for the Elderly

Urban Travel Made Easy for the Elderly

Aging isn’t easy for the elderly or their family members. As things start to change in their life, vacationing doesn’t have to. While there are adjustments that will no doubt need to be made, certain tools can help make the journey easier for everyone. This Travel Adjustable Walking Cane is a must for those traveling with the elderly.

Not Your Grandfather’s Cane

Traveling around any city can be tricky. Uneven surfaces, bustling people, steep ramps, multiple steps, and more can cause problems. This walking cane provides the stability needed when exploring an urban setting. The travel adjustable walking cane is a lightweight walking assistant that’s easy to carry and provides support that’s needed for those who can walk, but just need some extra help. One of its best features is its adjustability – extend or fold to store for easy, practical usage on subways, buses, and trains.

Getting dark? No worries! This high-tech cane come complete with 1 (one) LED light to light the way up to 20 meters ahead. A soft foam hand grip provides comfort when traveling for long periods of time, and its pivoting head make it easy on the hands, wrists, and arms of the elderly.

More Efficient than a Walker

This cane has all of the benefits of a walker, but is much better suited for urban travel. Able to stand on its own, this cane can maneuver all the tight twists and turns of a city. Walkers and wheelchairs can be heavy and bulky, but those who need extra support can lean on this cane all they want even though it’s lightweight. With a 250-pound weight limit, this cane can support the needs of your elderly family member.

Don’t Let the Rain Keep You Inside

Traveling with the elderly in inclement weather can be dangerous – but with this versatile cane, you won’t have to worry! Know the user is safe and secure with its anti-marking, slip-resistant tip that helps prevents falls and trips. Walking, running, and turning around corners is no challenge for this high-quality cane. Durable and trustworthy, this adjustable cane is certainly made for those always on the go in mind.

Perfect for Travel and Everyday Use

Many elderly people use a cane regularly – but what happens when you have to travel with it? Do you buy an extra one that’s small? Do you get a cheap one once you arrive at your destination? This cane is your solution! Use it everyday, and pack it away when it’s time to travel. Adjustable and adaptable enough to fold into luggage, this cane can be brought on the plane, train, bus, or the trunk of a car. Don’t spend time packing or worrying about how you’ll get around on your trip.

In terms of canes, this is a one-stop-shop. Instead of worrying, don’t stress – this cane is sure to solve all of your travel problems.




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