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Keeping Meal Routines During Travel: Why It's Important For Your Kids

Kids thrive on routines. From morning starts to bedtimes, all parents know that kids behave best when kept on schedule. While traveling certainly presents its own set of challenges and changes, it’s important to keep meal routines during travel.   Make Meal Times Special Just because you’re staying on your routines doesn’t mean mealtime has to be boring. Make meal...

Road Tripping USA - Surviving Long Hours on the Road

Cue the video footage of the typical American family in the 1950’s: happily singing along to songs together, brother and sister playing merrily in the backseat, and mom gladly helping dad with directions. Is this what your road trips are like? No? Ours neither. From becoming your main means of transportation across country to a method to get to-and-from points...

The Ultimate Packing System That Everyone is Talking About

As the warm, sunny days of summer fade behind us, it’s hard to believe that the holidays are here. And with each holiday comes a new time to travel. Are you prepared? If you want to cry at the thought of hauling your family cross-country on a plane or packed in a car, it may be because you’re not packed...

Money Safety Tips Travelers Shouldn't Ignore

You’ve heard stories on the local news, and maybe one of your friends has even been the victim of a money crime while traveling. And if you talk to those who have been taken advantage of, they’ll tell you that a theft while traveling is the quickest way to ruin your vacation. The most important thing to do before you...

Smart Tips For An Efficient Business Travel

From conferences to meetings, there are lots of reasons to travel for business. Trips can be long or short, easy or difficult, painful or a breeze. It’s up to you to determine how your business trip goes Before you board your next plane, use this ultimate packing checklist for business travelers to make your trek as painless as possible. 1....

Yes, You Can Even Pack the Kitchen Sink

While we are always encouraging packing light, there are those of us who just don’t have that ability. For us, we need special, durable luggage that holds up to all of our packing needs. The endurance duffle from Bago Travel Bags gets the job done, every single time. And for the heavy-weight travelers: yes, you can even pack the kitchen...

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