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Working While Traveling: 6 Ways To Get It Done

Working While Traveling: 6 Ways To Get It Done

The average adult checks in at 9 a.m., spends the day at their desk, sits through meetings, then clocks out at 5:30 p.m., all to pick up a paycheck. Sounds fun?

For those who yearn for more in life, there is a way to work, be successful and live the life you want. Traveling the world can be more than just a dream; with these six ways to work while traveling, you’ll be able to make your dream a reality.

Freelance Through Websites

Do you have a talent that can be applied to many fields of work? Those with skills in writing, copy-writing, marketing, accounting, managing finances, design, website creation, coding, and a multitude of other abilities can easily find work through freelancing websites.

Sites such as Upwork, Toptal, Elance, and Freelancer allow talented individuals to work from home while traveling. Users create a profile and offer their skills to people and companies willing to pay cold hard cash in exchange for their work.

Freelancing on these types of sites can also be a great way to supplement additional income for those spontaneous weekend travel trips.

Teach For America

Teach For America (TFA) is an American-based organization that places teachers in areas around the United States that have the most critical need. TFA hires all types of people – not just teachers. Looking for a career change, and have valuable work experience that can be applied to teaching? Perfect!

If you qualify and are accepted into TFA, you’ll be able to choose from a list of preferences of where you’ll get to move to and live. They offer a wide variety of places to travel to. Hawaii, Nashville, and LA are just a few of the 52 regions they offer. TFA teachers make the same salary as the teachers at the schools they teach at.

Want an exciting adventure in a new location for the next few years? Teach For America might be for you.

Join The Peace Corps

Really looking to live in a new location? The Peace Corp is an organization that works in a wide variety of countries with various levels of need. There are many types of job opportunities available for those who choose to embark on this adventure.

With assignments lasting usually around 2 years, participants get paid to do what they’re great at, live in a unique place amongst the locals, and have the opportunity to travel to nearby cities and countries. Those willing to take a risk will be greatly rewarded with travel experiences when joining the Peace Corps.

Use Your Travel Talents

Certain talents that specifically relate to travel can be used as work. Can you take great travel photos? Write mouth-watering reviews about new restaurants you tried? Create a popular blog about your most recent vacation? These types of skills can often turn into dollars.

Within your field, find out who is willing to pay you for your services. Whether it’s through freelance work, a time-based contract, or full-time employment, there will always be a need for travel photography, writing, and other creative services. Someone will need to review hotels in Madrid, write about the hottest restaurants in Key West, and photograph the natural wonders of the Artic. Why can’t it be you? Take what you’re good at and turn it into money while you travel.

Work As A Tour Guide

Have a specific destination in mind you’d like to take an extended stay at? Become a travel guide. Places with tourists coming in and out often have a high need for people to keep them busy, whether it’s directing a tour in a museum, assisting the captain of a boat during snorkeling, or taking a group of vacationers on a horseback ride.

Research what types of activities are popular in the area you’d like to travel to and determine if there is a need for additional tour guides.

Teach Your Native Language

No matter the country, there will be a need for people to teach others their native language. English is one of the most common languages in the world, yet many people in foreign countries still don’t have the proper skills to speak it.

Many jobs are available in Europe teaching English, as well as teaching Spanish and French in America. Young students are most often the typical learners, but seek out other job offers as well, such as teaching languages to new citizens, immigrants, and the elderly.

While it may seem impossible, with effort and creativity, you can make working while you travel a reality. Though you have to remain flexible and open to opportunities, choosing this type of lifestyle will certainly be rewarding in the end.

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