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Top 7 Packing Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Top 7 Packing Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Most people love planning trips but dread packing for them. Packing can be confusing and, if not done right, costly.

Follow these top seven packing hacks every traveler should know to ease your packing troubles.

Prevent Wrinkles

Before folding any clothes that wrinkle easily, hang them inside of a clear, plastic dry cleaning bag. Then, fold your clothes as you normally would and place them inside a packing cube

Repeat for any clothes that you need to stay wrinkle-free during your travel. The dry cleaning bag will help prevent wrinkles, and the packing cube will help keep all clothing items neat and sorted, also preventing wrinkles.

Once you have all of your packing cubes set with each days outfit, place all packing cubes inside a folding travel duffle.


Stuff Your Shoes

If you’re low on space, pack any valuables or liquids that won’t spill inside your shoes.

Neatly place your items inside the soles of your shoes. Place each pair inside a travel shoe bag. This will protect your shoes from stains, wrinkles and damage that can occur from putting your shoes in plastic bags or throwing them in your suitcase.

Stuff socks or undergarments on the outsides of the shoes to fill any empty space. Utilizing all of these tips will save you room and space when packing.

Seal Your Liquids

Nobody wants sticky liquids to ruin or stain their clothes. No matter what kind of liquids you need to pack, make sure they are all stored in plastic zip bags.

Using a packing organizer zip bag, place all of your sunscreen, makeup remover, aloe and other liquids inside one or more of these bags. Seal them shut to ensure they will not spill on the rest of your belongings during travel.

Double Up Your Toiletries

Aside from all of the standard toiletries you need to bring along with you on your trip, there are many ways to reuse and recycle different toiletry containers.

Put Q-tips in old medicine bottles, hair pins in used tic-tac containers and foundation makeup in cleaned out contact cases.

Place clear wrap between the bottles opening and its cap to create a reliable seal and prevent leaks.

Once you have everything stored away and ready to go, pack everything you want to bring in a toiletry bag.

This will keep everything in order and keep each bottle or item in its place. The bag features many different pockets and compartments to organize your belongings wherever you need them.

Be sure to place all of your packed organizer zip bags inside as well. This will allow you to know exactly where everything is so you don’t need to dig through your bag.

Dirty VS Clean

Many travelers struggle with how to keep their clean clothes separate from their dirty. 
Pack each day's clothes in its own packing cube. After you’re done wearing that day’s outfit, put your dirty clothes back inside that same cube.

This will keep all of the clean clothes you have yet to wear clean, stain and wrinkle free.

Pack An Extra Bag

It’s hard to predict exactly what you’ll run into during your travels, and having an extra bag can be a lifesaver.

Pack this packable backpack in your luggage. Make sure it’s empty and fold it all the way down. Keep it in your luggage until you need it as a day bag for a side trip, or an extra bag to stuff with souvenirs when you return home. Having an extra bag can save you money from buying more storage on your trip and possible luggage costs of overstuffing your suitcase as you return from your destination.

Hide Your Belongings

Many popular travel destinations are known as hotspots for pickpockets.

Instead of walking around with a purse or bag in plain sight, move it off of your shoulder or back and underneath your clothes.

Studies show that of U.S. travelers who were surveyed, 10 percent had their cell phone stolen, a combined 17 percent had their credit or debit card taken and four percent had their passport stolen.

Secure all of your cash, credit cards, passports and other valuable personal belongings in a neck stash pouch or money holder belt.

Wear the neck stash or belt underneath your clothes so it is hidden from plain sight. Each has a slim profile so it won’t be seen or uncomfortable to wear when you’re traveling around.

Filled with pockets and dividers, either of these travel piece will make it easy for you to quickly and safely grab what you’re looking for and return the rest of your items to safety when you’re done at the cash register.

By getting creative and utilizing all the space in your luggage and bags, you can find ways to safely pack everything you need to bring.

Remember these packing hacks on your next trip for an easy and stress-free travel experience.


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