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How To Keep Your Gear Dry While Camping

How To Keep Your Gear Dry While Camping
Nothing can ruin your camping trip faster than soaking wet gear. Even if rainy weather isn’t in the forecast, make sure you’re prepared in case a storm rolls in.

Choosing the right gear to bring along is key to keeping you and your belongings dry. Follow the tips below to stay dry and happy during your next camping trip.

On Your Hike

Most campers go for a hike of some sort during their trip. No matter the length or distance, be sure you’re prepared in case the weather changes.

Pick a bag that fits all your needs. Don’t compromise on size or water resistance, and choose a hiking bag that does everything you’ll need it to.

The Hiking Bag from Bago Travel Bags features a waterproof rain cover that will keep your bag and the belongings inside dry. Housed in a smaller compartment, the cover comes over the top and covers the entire bag, ensuring water will remain outside the bag instead of inside.

The rain cover is detachable and easily washed, for instances when you might get it dirty from mud during a bike ride or hike.

In addition to keeping your gear dry, it also has multiple compartments with plenty of space and a water bladder pocket inside.

At The Campsite

Before you set up your tent, evaluate your campsite. Pick a spot at high elevation, so that you’re in an area where the water will run off of, not accumulate at. Once you’ve found the spot, pitch your tent.

While many tents say they are rain or water resistant, pack an extra tarp and some bungees or rope just in case.

Once you have your tent fully set up, drape the tarp over the top. Secure all four corners into the ground or nearby tree limbs so that the water will run off the sides, and not collect on top of the tarp. Make sure the tarp is a bit larger than the tent itself, so the tent is completely under the tarp, and no part is exposed.

Place a small tarp piece or floor mat right outside the main door of your tent. This will also help prevent water, mud, snow and other elements from getting inside your tent.

During Your Excursions

If you’ve been camping during rainy weather before, you’re bound to have realized how just about everything seems to get wet. When you’re off biking, rafting, fishing or snowboarding, make sure you have the right bag to keep your gear dry.

Some items can easily dry, but others cannot. For belongings you need to keep dry, such as electronics, paper documents and cell phones, place them in a dry bag.

This bag is durable and 100 percent waterproof, keeping everything inside safe from sand, dust, water, dirt — anything you might encounter while exploring during your camping trip.

In case your bag gets dropped in the lake or a giant rain puddle, this dry bag will float. The roll-top closure ensures everything inside will stay safe and dry.

Secure Your Cell 

Since many people bring a cell phone as their only form of communication, it is important to keep this out of the water and rain.

Throwing your cell phone in your tent might not get the job done. Keep it from water and moisture, and ensure it is always dry when not in use by storing it in a water proof cell phone pouch. 

A FREE Waterproof, see-through Phone Pouch is included with each order of a Bago dry bag The pouch has a reliable and safe closure system to keep the phone safe, while the see through material is touch friendly so you can still fully operate your protected phone.

Use the pouch to also keep your wallet, car keys, lighter and other important items safe and water protected.

Keeping all of your gear dry during camping is easy if you arrive prepared.

During your hike, keep everything out of the rain and water with a high-quality hiking bag, dry bag or plastic zip bag. Remember to keep your tent out of the elements with a tarp, and you’ll be a happy camper no matter what weather you may encounter.

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