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6 Packing Tips To Perk Up Your Cruise Ship Trip

6 Packing Tips To Perk Up Your Cruise Ship Trip
Different than most trips you’ll take, cruises are a special type of vacation that require a special type of packing.

Between sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean and visiting exotic countries, there are many important things you should remember to bring, and your packing will vary from other trips you’ve taken.

Use these six packing tips to perk up your next cruise ship trip.

Dress The Part

While you’re sure to remember your bathing suit and sunscreen, don’t forget appropriate clothes to bring for other parts of your trip.

Formal dinners are commonplace on cruise ships, and these nice meals often have specific dress codes. Make sure you bring appropriate attire to attend these dinners.

Use packing cubes to separate all of your outfits by day. Neatly fold your clothes for each dinner and place it inside its own packing cube to keep them clean, neat and wrinkle-free.

Packing cubes will keep your clothes organized while it’s in your luggage and once you decide to take it out. Keep your cruise cabin room tidy and spacious, and always know exactly where the clothes you’re looking for are. 

Don’t forget matching shoes to your dinner outfit. Bring along a shoe bag to properly store your high heels, dress shoes and any other footwear you will need during your cruise.

Double Down On Your Carry On

Most people need to get to the city their cruise deports out of, which requires flying. If this is the case, make sure your packing for your cruise trip reflects flying requirements as well.

When flying to your cruise ship destination, double your carry on as a perfectly packed cruise ship bag.

Pack a packable backpack that holds all the supplies you need to travel and have a successful cruise trip. Be sure to include items such as sunglasses, tickets and travel documents and medications, but be sure to leave liquids in your checked suitcase or buy them later on the ship.

This bag can also double as a backpack for your day trips to islands you visit. Easily pack this day bag for all of your excursions.

Keep Your Items Dry

Even though you’re in the middle of the ocean, you can still keep your belongings dry.

Use Bago Dry Bags while out and about on the cruise ship. Bring it along on the pool deck and store everything you need inside.

Perfect for your cell phone, place it inside of the waterproof pouch to protect it and keep it safe. Spot exactly what you need inside using the see-through window.

Don’t forget to bring a dry bag along when you take excursions off the ship. Carry it by itself or pack it in a backpack — this bag is a must-have for all of your day trips.

Secure Your Money

A unique part of cruising is the ability to travel to many different places and locations. Stay safe and keep your money secured using a money belt or a neck stash.

Keep different currencies of countries you may visit separated and safe using either of these travel products. Know where your cash and cards are at all times so you don’t have to fumble for them at the register or ATM.

Additionally, it’s important to keep the proper travel and identification documents on you at all times. Make sure you don’t get caught off guard in a foreign country without proper identification. Keeping it safe in a neck stash or money belt will bring you peace of mind.

Bring Proper Toiletries

Cruise trips require additional toiletries that you might not normally bring along during a normal vacation. While they may have some for sale in their on-ship store, plan ahead and pack what you need in case it’s not available for purchase on the ship.

Pack everything you need in a hanging toiletry bag that can later be hung on the back of the bathroom door, saving you room and space in your bathroom.

Remember to bring items such as sunscreen, Dramamine for motion sickness, lip balm, tissues, sea band for sickness, aloe or sunburn relief — any items the cruise ship will not provide for you in your room.

Pack For A Small Room

Even though you can travel with it on the plane, bringing a giant suitcase is not a smart choice when on a cruise ship trip. 

Opt for a folding travel duffle. Cruise ship rooms are usually extremely small, and bringing a bag that can fold away once you arrive will save you space in your room.

Unpack your clothes when you arrive on the ship and store the folding duffle away. This will keep it out of sight during the duration of your trip. Before you leave, bring it back out and pack up all your clothes again before you leave.

Whether you’re a first time sailor or a seasoned cruiser, be sure to know what to bring for smooth sailing.

Embark on your next cruise with proper formal attire, a bag for day trips, a way to secure your money, and all of the luggage you’ll need.

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