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How To Pack For A Harsh Climate

How To Pack For A Harsh Climate

Certain places that are great for vacationing also happen to have harsh climates. Whether you’re off to the heat of the Grand Canyon or the cold chill of the arctic snow, it is important to be prepared.

Knowing what gear to bring and clothes to pack is a crucial part of preparing for your trip.

Hide From The Heat

Vacationing in hot climates is popular in many parts of the world. Places such as the deserts of Nevada and Arizona offer wonderful hiking, but can prove to be a challenge for those unaccustomed to the harsh heat.

While it may seem like you want to strip everything off because of the heat, it is important to keep your skin covered from the sun and stay in the shade. Pick clothing that is extremely cool and can easily breathe. Light colored shirts with long sleeves made specifically for warmer weather are a great choice.

Cover your face and neck with a large hat or a hat/towel combination. Wear sunglasses that are polarized to protect your eyes. When possible, stay out of the sun.

Stay Warm In The Cold

Before you travel anywhere that is a frigid destination, do your research on what the actual temperatures will be. Some travel gear, such as sleeping bags and tents, are only safe up to a certain temperature. Make sure your gear can handle the exact type of climate you’ll be in.

When deciding what clothes to bring, pack in layers. Bring undershirts to start as base, thicker layers to put on top, and an insulated coat. By using packing cubes to organize your clothes, you’ll be able to stay organized when looking for what you need in cold climates.

Pick shoes that will keep your feet warm the entire time you’re away. Boots are a great choice in snowy climates, especially if they are waterproof. Pack plenty of pairs of warm socks, such as a thick wool or cotton in your packing cubes.

Pick The Right Pack

Different climates require different items to bring. Make sure you bring the right pack to store all of the equipment you need.

The bag you bring should be lightweight in nature so the bag itself doesn’t add any extra weight to your sack. Make sure the material is breathable and can wick away any sweat that might come in contact with the bag.

The Packable Backpack by Bago is lightweight, but also durable enough to carry the extra hiking shoes, tee-shirt and water bottles you might need.


Don’t Forget The Small Stuff

Many times people forget to pack smaller items, and sometimes these items are the most important. Don’t forget to bring along the following:

  • A watch – solar or “body powered” ones work best, so you don’t have to worry about a battery
  • Sunglasses – polarized are the best and most protective
  • Sunscreen – make sure it is at least SPF 30. Don’t forget to use it even in cold climates
  • Bug spray – spray with DEET in it is the most effective
  • A hat – appropriate for the weather you’ll be in (warm and insulated vs. breathable that provides lots of shade)
  • Medication – if you’ll be in an area that won’t have stores nearby, make sure you pack the basics such as pain relief, allergy medication, etc.
  • Matches – you never know when you’ll need them

Your next adventure to a harsh climate can be fun and safe as long as you keep your safety and health in mind when packing. Bring along the right gear to store all of the items you’ll need and you will be all set for your next trip to a new area.

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