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How to Travel Safe and Secure

How to Travel Safe and Secure

When travelling, whether overseas or just across the country, its always be convenient to have your important documents and money easily accessed. However, we give little thought of the security of these items until it gets lost or stolen either by a crafty thief or by a sly pickpocket.

One thing that you would never want to experience is losing your wallet and passport or have it stolen during a trip. It would definitely cause a huge inconvenience, especially if you are traveling abroad.

Travel documents, money, and credit cards are some of the important items a traveler takes on a trip, and ensuring that these items are secured from pickpockets, street thieves, or accidental loss is vital. Imagine the time and effort you need to put in replacing those stolen documents.

In order to secure these items, there are various travel security bags that you can use in order to protect and secure them. The Bago bags has innovated the best two products which are made perfect for travelling, the Bago money belt and the neck stash.

These bags are made especially to be a secure travel wallet for travellers as it is small, portable, and lightweight. It can also be easily kept and be carried securely in the body which makes it handy and convenient to bring.

Bago Money Belt and Neck Stash


The Bago Money Belt and Neck Stash

If you are going to check out a busy or a popular tourist spot, the Bago money belt and neck stash are excellent choices to bring with you. Usually, tourist places are congested with people and these are the places where pickpockets are most likely to hang out and victimized people.

The two Bago travel security bags are highly recommended by experienced travelers around the world. According to them, the most secure type is the neck stash pouch and the money belt because it can ward off pickpockets and block identity theft, keeping personal information secure. Additionally, it is equipped with additional safety, the RFID blocking material which protects credit card information from electronically getting scanned and successfully avoid identity theft.

More fun, less hassle

If you are going out to a pub, crowded places or getting out of your hotel, you need not to worry about forgetting your valuables because they are wrapped and secured close to you. Bago Travel Bags offer a one of a kind security and both bags have RFID blocking technology to ward of identity theft. So this means more time to have fun and to relax on your trip. Also, when you are in a hurry in the airport, you do not need to open all your luggage just to get money, ticket and passport when checking in and going through security because all your documents card and cash can easily be accessed in the Bago belt bag or neck stash.  


The Bago Travel neck stash is ideal for keeping your Passports, cash, cards, keys and other important items. It is designed to accommodate few or many things, thick or thin as it is designed for organizing and securing valuables. It is lightweight and comfortable so you can either wear it as shoulder cross bag or put it as  under cover belt bag or a visible travel pouch. Whatever your preference is, it’s your call. It is hand washable so you can take it with you even when you’re off to shower, just secure it in the protector bag and you can hang it with its adjustable straps.   The product can cater up to 4 passports inside it aside from your cash and credit cards and a loop ring to attached keys. There is a secret pocket at the back where you can keep cash and an adjustable strap for easy fit. 

Quality design + durability = perfection

The products are made of high quality and durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. It is also made from soft and breathable fabric that feels light and smooth when in contact with the skin.

For the Money Belt, the divider in the main pocket will not be bothersome when pulling out or putting in items because it is made out of full fabric divider, not mesh. The adjustable strap will make it more comfortable when worn. The zippers are guaranteed to be sturdy and long lasting that will not break easily. Also, the Neck Stash locks with velcro, making it very convenient in opening and closing the stash. It has an easy adjustable strap as well and the divider in the main pocket is made out of full fabric.

Now, with all of these great functions and features the Bago Money Belt and the Neck Stash is the way to go for all your travel needs. It will definitely give you an easy and stylish travelling that will make you feel worry free from inconveniences of losing important stuff or be victimised by thieves



      Bago Travel Security Bag
      Bago Neck Stash Pouch RFID blocking system
      Bago Money Belt RFID blocking system

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