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Bago Packing Cubes: The New Way To Pack.

Bago Packing Cubes: The New Way To Pack.
Ready, jet-set, BaGo!

As easy as ready-set-go, you can pack your things quicker in a more organized way. The Bago Packing Cubes give you a smarter and easier way to pack your things.
No more fumbling inside your bag. Easily pull out your scarf or sweater when it gets windy. You know exactly where to get them inside your bag. Now, jetsetters know better than to pack without Bago cubes.




Organized, not randomize.

Don’t just stuff your things randomly inside your luggage. Organizing them is easy. Put the clothes that go together—say, your meeting outfit in one cube, and your shopping outfit in another—and pull them out in a breeze when you’re ready to wear them. You can also pack them according to color, kind or weather. There’s a lot of ways to organize. The packing cubes will give you more space in a more orderly fashion.

Protect your clothes from stains and ruins.

Not pleased with the new abstract logo on your favorite white shirt smeared by the uncapped pen inside your bag? It can be funny but not when you’re using the shirt for a business meeting! Never again find your favorite white shirt stained with pen ink in your bag; or your pantyhose ruined because it got scratched by your luggage zipper. The Bago packing cubes protect your clothes from stains, runs, scratches and wrinkles because your clothes are tucked safely inside your cubes. It has a RipStop fabric to prevent it from exposing your delicate things to damaging elements.

More packing space. I repeat, moooore packing space!

You got that right! Due to its compression feature, you get more space in your luggage. Just compress them together and see how they magically make way for more cubes containing your clothes and stuff. Inside the cube is also spacious. Just fold and roll your clothes in a tube-shaped manner and put them inside the cubes. This folding technique not only gives you more space, it also effectively protects your clothes from wrinkles.


Enjoy packing with fun colors, fun features and more...

Get a cube with a different color so you can easily pull out an important item. Use a different color for each member of the family so you can pack together in one luggage. How easy it is to travel with only one luggage for the whole group! It has 2 zippers that open both ways so you can pull whichever way when in a hurry. You can also use it as your hand bag with a durable handle to carry.

 Now, with all of these great functions and features, why would you still pack the conventional way? This is the new convention. Bago Packing Cube is the new way to pack. Never again go on a trip without your packing cubes. Oh, and did I mention the cubes are great for home use too? Read the next article if you want to know more about using Bago Packing Cubes as closet organizers.


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