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Bago Carry on Traveling Backpack Duffle Bag

3 Way Duffel Backpack for Travel & Sports

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Durable, Versatile & Reliable, This Is An All-Situation Bag That Got Your Back.

Why have one bag for each circumstances. This Bago's Endurance Duffle-Backpack made to last & suit any situation. Vacation, work/tool carrying, Military Service, Gym, Shopping, Police & Rescue assignments, Stored & Ready Bag-Out Bag. Its ability to change its carrying nature and the high level of craftsmanship & engineering, allows it "play" all rules.

Stylish and functional; it won't let you down!
With its unique appearance it will be easy to spot the bag from a distance. Its pragmatic size & design as well as the stylish classical colors, you can pursue your activity, what ever it is, in Class! Having Bago's Endurance is choosing pragmatism and diversity, all while maintaining a great budget. It is simply having 3 types of Bags in one.

Have the same spacious carrying bag with the comfort of choosing how to carry it - On your back as a backpack, as a side duffle or hand carry one. With the shoulders that are stored discreetly in the compartment, you can send this backpack/duffle together with the regular suitcases on board instead of the special care checked-in backpack, with all their loose straps.

Perfect for your Bago Packing Cubes (Bago's 4 pcs set or Bago's 4-5 single Medium Cubes measurements, depending how you like to stuff and pack). Experience the comfort of stress free packing and traveling!

Our Guarantee To You:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the duffle - Simply Return It For A Refund !

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It fits any natural terrain & any nature of activities; Traveling, Sports, Hunting, Military, Equipment & Tool Kits, Yachting, Tracking, Bag-Out-Bag... This Heavy Duty Duffel can serve any purpose to anyone, anytime.

    • HAVE YOUR ENDURANCE STRETCH BEYONED THE DUFFLE IT SELF - The satisfaction guaranty 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ONLY when ordering from - 'Bago Travel Bags' You are covered with Bago travel Bags - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! And with our WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE!
    • SUITBALE COLORS FOR ALL TYPES OF ACTIVITES !!!; Leisure, representative or tactical.... with the Black or Brown colors that carry a Classic, Stylish & Elegant look, it is always fiitiing the event. Fits both Man and Woman.
    • MAXIMIZE YOUR ABILITIES WITH THIS SMART DESIGN - Broaden your enjoyment when traveling by expending the use of your Duffle - Like all Baog's products, This Bago's endurance duffle is designed best to be used in combination with other Bago's products. So aside from whenever it is used on its own, when is used with other Bago's products, the result would be an even more comfortability in your voyage. This duffel is superbly fitted to hold inside our Bago's 4 pcs Packing Cubes set, alternatively there are other combinations with our products. 5 Medium single Bago's Packing cubes can also be sorted in a drawer position - Just set the zippers to the Duffle's opening position, and you do not even have to take the cube out, simply open an pull your desired item out of the cube.
    • OK, HERE IS THE SPECS' YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - Measurements: 13' x 23' x 11' inch ( 32 x 58 x 27 cm) with 3289 Cubic Inches ( 53 L ) Capacity.
      • One huge compartment with a 2 way opening zipper on most of its perimeter on top. That allows a huge opening of the bag and easy store of it as well as opening it from eider side of the bag. 
      •  * Heaving a duffel which can easily turn to a backpack & back to a duffle, requires high level of craftsmanship. This bag has Special zipped Non Conspicuous Wide Chamber for concealing the high quality padded shoulders straps when not in use .
      • * Comes with a Adjustable & Detachable carrying web strap with high quality cushion for the shoulder, Which provides easily & precise fitting for maximum comfort of carrying on the side.
      • * 2 compression straps for shrinking the bags volume when not full and for securing better the main compartment.
      • * Have 2 medium pockets with accessibility from outside (when the bag is closed) and inside when opened, via high quality zippers (On one of the pocket's inside is mash fabric for visual use of its content).
      • * 1 external small side pocket with easy access that fits your wallet/ passport/cellphone. *** 1 inner mash pocket for storing small valuables for easy reach.
      • * 3 Super High Quality Strong padded carry handles (one in 3 sides of the bag) for easy 'grab & pull/carry' the duffel from what ever side you approach it.
      • * A high durability storing & carrying bag - When not in use, fold and store the duffle in this high quality and stylish carrying bag. When the duffel is in use, the storing bag becomes a great bag/packing cube. A fully closed cube with a zipper and carrying handles. Strong, Thick and with lots of volume in it.
      • ** Continues loop webbing handles for best support when carrying any load by hand in.
      • * Solid top quality YKK Zippers.

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      Welcome to Bago Travel Bags online store!   In the world of travel bags, there are lots of options to choose from, so why buy from us?

      • We think of you.
        When we created this company, we had our travel experience and your traveling concerns in mind, so we created a line of baggage and packing solution to help you save time, money and the most important part is, for you to enjoy a stress-free travel.

      • We have a new baggage experience for you.
        We want you to travel in a more lightweight, versatile and organised way. Once you try that out, you will never travel the old way again.
        Customers who experienced Bag Packing Cubes for the first time are amazed at how this changed their travel experience and made their trip more peaceful and at ease.
        Our packable bags are durable and lightweight to use as an everyday bag or a just-in-case travel saviour bag for extra shopping, avoiding overweight charges at the airports or save the day when your big bulky suitcase go damaged en route...
        The RFID Blocking travel wallets accessories will help you protect your valuable currencies and documents as well as your digital identity and details while traveling. - you never want to be a victim of pickpocketing or find out you have lost your passport. - Travel with Peace of mind!
      • Top quality for top customers.
        We make sure you get the premium quality you deserve. Bago Travel Bags are uniquely designed for comfort plus style. At a very affordable price, you save not only a few bucks but also your peace of mind and we assure you that our products are worth all your pennies.
        We take pride in manufacturing bags with top quality craftsmanship by using finest and most advanced fabrics, zippers and other materials in today's market as well as quality craftsmanship and quality control processes.

      • Superb customer service.
        We take customer satisfaction super seriously as we believe you should always get the best pre and after sale service. Whether you have bought one item or you are a returning customer - each customer gets our full attention.
        In today's online market - we want you to feel comfortable shopping with us as we have dedicated customer support people at your service just waiting to help you with anything you need.

        All you need to do is let us know how we can help.



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      Why Buy from us

      Welcome to Bago Travel Bags online store! In the world of travel bags, there are lots of
      options to choose from, so why buy from us?

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