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Make It Your Smart Back Pack - Amazon.com Coupon


Overweight charges, limited baggage space, bulky suitcase...
whatever your packing and travel problem is, the Bago Folding Travel Backpack will handle it.

Make it your smart day-pack.
Take it with you anywhere to carry your gadgets, wallet, clothes, travel documents and souvenir items.
Whether for daily use, for travel use, or as an extra shopping pack, this travel buddy is a reliable choice.

Solve your baggage weight problems.
Use this to avoid excess baggage. Simply unfold and transfer some items into this bag as your carry-on.

Handy, compact, lightweight.
Weighing only 180 grams, the bag almost weightless. Compact and handy due to its foldable feature, it easily fits inside your carry bag and suitcase when not in use.

Simply put, the ideal backpack!
Designed for convenience, it is packed with superior quality and amazing qualities, it gives you all the benefits you deserve during traveling. It features:

With 4 colors to choose from, bring out the fun in packing and travel in style.

To order Your Bago Packable Smart Backpack FOR ONLY 9$ do the following:

    1. Go to The Bago Packable BackPack Product Page on Amazon.com and select your color.
    2. Add the Bago Packable Backpack to your cart and start the checkout process.
    3. Use Coupon code 'BAGOPACK' to get it for 9$ - enter this in the last step of the payment process for "Gift cards & promotional codes".
             Your new Bago Packable Backpack is on it's way.

Your Going To Love It !For any question, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pack Your Bag, Go, Travel, Enjoy.
Bago Travel Bags

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